Snowmobile Adventure Tour

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Snowmobile Adventure Tour Available: Oct – Apr Rates:$225.00 – single person machine$325.00 – two person machine (ride together & save!)$425.00 – two person machine + snow coach for children Explore Alaska like the locals on one of our Alaska Snowmobile Tours – Snow Machine Riding in Alaska’s Wild backcountry. Enjoy the twists and turns of […]

Dog Sled & Snowmobile Combo

Snowmobiles Against Landscape

Dog Sledding & Snowmobile Combo – 2D1N Available: Oct – Apr Rates:$325.00 – single person machine$600.00 – two person machine (ride together & save!) Winter in Alaska has a unique beauty and adventure to it that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Dog sledding and snowmobile trails travel through the snow-covered woods and […]

Dog Sled Adventure Tours

Alaska Dog Sledding Tours & Adventures

Experience the thrill of running Iditarod sled dogs as you drive your own team through the Alaskan wilderness. Whether exploring Alaska’s winter trails or gliding on a glacier in summer, it’s an adventure unlike any other sled dog tour! Dog Sled Rides & Adventures Experience the thrill of running Iditarod sled dogs as you […]

Dog Sled Adventure Tour – Winter

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Winter Dog Sled Adventure Available: Oct – Apr Rates:$150 – per person$140 – per person 10 & under When you think of Alaska Adventures, you probably think of a Dog Sled tour. What do you know, so do we! Headquartered near the restart of the famed Iditarod Sled Dog Race, we are ranked the […]