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Dog Sled & ATV Adventure Tour Summer

Join us beginning in May through October for an unforgettable day of adventure.  Experience the best of Alaska with our combination dog sledding and ATV tour.  A must do when visiting Alaska.
Your day begins with a visit to an Iditarod kennel where you get to meet and play with our dogs before heading out on the trail, where the dogs pull you on a cart through the woods.  There will be plenty of time to learn about these dogs, interact with them and see them work together.  Plus, we’re happy to take pictures for you and answer all your questions.  Afterwards, we’ll enjoy a gourmet burger, fries and cookies for lunch before we begin the next leg of your adventure on Hatcher Pass.  After lunch we will head up to our ATV base on Hatcher Pass for a tour into the backcountry of Hatcher Pass in the Talkeetna mountains.  You’ll find yourself splashing through rivers and climbing mountain trails to amazing views!

Tour Details


Dog Sledding & ATV Drivers Driver must be ages 16+ with prior driving experience (price for 1 person) – $325

Dog Sledding & 2 Person UTV 1 Driver and 1 Passenger (price for 2 people) – $450

Dog Sledding & 4 Person UTV 1 Driver and 3 Passengers (price for 4 people)- $700

Dog Sledding & 6 Person UTV 1 Driver and 5 Passengers (price for 6 people) – $950

This tour begins at 10 am.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to check in.  The dog sledding portion is approximately 2 hours and the ATV tour is 3.5 hours.  The tour is priced according to the type of machine you decide to rent for the ATV portion of the tour.  For example, if you decide to drive a single rider ATV, the price is $325 per person.  If you decide to rent a 2 person UTV, the price is $325 for driver and $125 for the passenger for a total of $450 for both people for the whole day.  If you choose a 4 person UTV, the price would be $325 for the driver and $125 for each additional passenger for a total of $700 for four people on a full day tour.  Please note:  We do not provide drivers for our tours.  You must be at least 18 and licensed to drive a machine.  Single rider ATVs, 2 person, 4 person and 6 person UTVs are available for this tour.  Rain pants, jackets, boots, goggles and helmets are included in this tour.  Dust masks are available for purchase.  
This tour is the perfect combination of adventure when coming to Alaska.  We’ll provide you with the foundation to work with the dogs and build relationships with them as well as the skills to have the best adventure on the mountain on ATVs.  We look forward to seeing you this summer. 

Tour Dates & Times

Tours depart at 9 am and 1pm daily from early May through October.

This tour is suitable for people of all ages.

There is also a half-day and side-by-side option available for this tour.

More Details

Weather in Alaska can change dramatically throughout the day. One moment it can be sunny and the next it can be raining.

We recommend you come dressed in basic layers. We do provide rain gear, boots, goggles, a dust mask and helmet which are included in the price of the tour.


  • Latest model machines
  • Professional and experienced guides
  • Transportation to and from our check in location to the ATV base
  • Weather gear


  • Gratuities
  • Shuttle from Anchorage (available for additional fee)

Check in is 30 minutes prior to your tour start time at our location in Willow. It’s an easy 70 minute drive to us. We will then transport you to our atv base on Hatcher Pass.SNOWHOOK SHUTTLE SERVICE

SAGA provides a shuttle to and from Anchorage for $100.00 per person. Transportation is available for the 10:00 a.m. tour only. A 2 person minimum per party is required for transportation.

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