Alaska Fall Tours

Available: Sep - Oct
Snowhook - Fall UTV Dog Sledding Edit

This fall join us for a dog sled ride and experience the changing season.  Instead of a sled and snow, your ride will be in our custom built 5 passenger side-by-side vehicle with a team of dogs training for the race trail.  This pre-season preview gives you a behind the scenes look of how mushers and dogs prepare for the winter season.

Snowhook - Fall UTV Dog Sledding Edit
Snowhook ATV - Water Crossing
Available: May - Oct
Snowhook ATV - Water Crossing

Join us this summer for an ATV adventure of lifetime high in the Talkeetna mountains at Hatcher Pass. One of Alaska’s best kept secrets for adventure, scenery, wildlife and much more. This tour travels through this rugged landscape of towering mountains, glaciated valleys and mountain streams. Hatcher Pass offers not only stunning scenery but gold panning, berry picking and historical mines.

Available: Apr - Oct
ATV Riding Through River

Join us this summer for an unforgettable day of adventure. Experience the best of summer in Alaska with a visit to an Iditarod dog sled kennel and go for a ride with these over the top friendly sled dogs. You’ll be amazed at the power these dogs have as you glide through the hills and woods that these dogs run on year round. Then explore the Talkeetna mountains on an exhilarating ATV ride through this rugged landscape of towering mountains, glaciated valleys and mountain streams.

ATV Riding Through River


During the Fall Adventure in Alaska, you’ll experience the dramatic change in the landscape as summer gives way to autumn. Our Hatcher Pass wilderness tours offer a mix of serene wilderness and rugged Alaskan terrain. Expect to witness Alaska’s Natural Trails and capturing Alaska’s Landscape through photography and exploration.

Anchorage outdoor adventures in the fall are spectacular, offering a range of activities like hiking through Alaska’s natural trails, wildlife photography, and exploring the vibrant autumn colors. It’s a perfect time for those looking to explore Alaska’s beauty in a more intimate setting.

To fully explore Alaska’s beauty, consider participating in activities like our Alaska nature tours. These tours take you through breathtaking landscapes, allowing you to experience the scenic wilderness and the diverse wildlife of the region.

Our unique Alaska tours include a variety of experiences that cater to all interests. From dog sledding adventures to an ATV adventure in the Talkeetnas, you will find a fun and exciting way to learn about Alaska’s rich history. All of our Hatcher Pass wilderness tours are designed to showcase Alaska’s Hidden Gems.

Alaska’s Seasonal Tours offer unique experiences throughout the year. In fall, witness the stunning foliage and participate in activities like berry picking and photography, capturing the essence of Alaska’s outdoor travel.

Yes, our tours provide an understanding into Alaska’s Rich History. You’ll learn about the indigenous cultures, historical events, and visit sites that have shaped Alaska. It’s a perfect blend of education and adventure.

Alaska outdoor activities are diverse and cater to all levels of adventure. From tranquil nature walks to Northern Lights viewings and Ice Fishing, there’s something for everyone looking to immerse themselves in Alaska’s wilderness.

Yes, our Talkeetna mountain range expeditions & tours offer a range of outdoor activities. From exciting dog sledding to atv adventure tours, these expeditions provide an opportunity for capturing Alaska’s Landscape and experiencing the thrill of the Alaskan wilderness.

Additional Information

For visitors joining us in the fall, Alaska’s weather can be quite variable. It’s essential to be prepared for cooler temperatures and occasional rain. We recommend checking the local weather at NOAA’s National Weather Service for Anchorage and surrounding areas to help plan your trip. Also, consider exploring the Alaska Public Lands Information Centers for guides on wildlife safety and outdoor ethics, ensuring a safe and responsible adventure in Alaska’s wilderness.

Autumn in Alaska also offers unique opportunities for nature photography and wildlife observation. For those interested in capturing the vibrant fall colors and wildlife, The Alaska Photography Guide provides tips on the best locations and times for photography. Additionally, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s website ADFG is a valuable resource for understanding local wildlife behaviors and habitats, enriching your experience during our tours.