Iditarod Ultimate Adventure

Snowhook Idatarod 02

Iditarod Ultimate Adventure

Snowhook Idatarod 02

Available: March 1st – 3rd 2025 | 3 Days 2 Nights

$2050 per person (Driver)
$1800 per person (Passenger Only)

Join us for our thrilling 3-day/2 night Ultimate Iditarod Adventure through the Alaskan backcountry and along the historic Iditarod Trail. Day one begins with spending the afternoon meeting and greeting real Iditarod Sled Dogs before experiencing what it’s like to travel by dogsled through snow-covered trails. Once back from our dog sledding adventure, we head out on a 26-mile backcountry excursion via snowmobile to our Lodge and Cabins on Hatcher Pass where you will enjoy dinner and the chance for some amazing Northern Lights viewing. After a hearty breakfast at the Lodge, we will ride down to Willow Lake to the Official Restart of the Iditarod where we will watch several teams head down the trail before joining them on the trail. We will snowmobile 70 miles up the Iditarod Trail over land, rivers, and hills to the Skwentna Checkpoint where we will be staying for the night at the Skwentna Roadhouse. We will grab dinner and spend the evening watching the first teams check in to this checkpoint. After a day filled with the excitement of the Iditarod, we will spend our third and final day snowmobiling back to Willow to wrap up this once-in-a-lifetime ultimate adventure.

NOTE: You must be at least 18 and licensed to drive a machine.
Covering more than 150 miles of scenic trails over rivers, mountains, and lakes on the historic Iditarod trail, this package offers an unparalleled Alaskan adventure, combining dogsledding, snowmobiling, and northern lights excursions. This package is available for both double and single riders and includes outerwear, snowsuits, boots, goggles and helmets, professional guides, all meals, and lodging. Drivers must be 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license. This tour is geared for ages 12 and older. Snowhook does not provide drivers. Gratuities are not included.

Tour Details

Begin your adventure with a two-hour dog sledding experience in Willow. You’ll ride traditional sleds pulled by 8-12 dogs across snow-covered forests and frozen lakes. Afterward, transition to a snowmobile tour to Snowhook Lodge on Hatcher Pass. Settle into private Alaskan backcountry cabins with handcrafted log furnishings and Starlink WiFi. Enjoy a hearty dinner and watch for the amazing Northern Lights, either from the lodge’s social area or around a campfire.

Start the second day with a hearty breakfast before visiting the Iditarod start. From there, ride 70 miles to Skwentna Roadhouse, a secluded lodge accessible only by snow machine, bike, boat, or aircraft. This lodge, nestled between the Yentna and Skwentna Rivers, offers a cozy setting with home-cooked meals. Watch sled dog teams at the checkpoint and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow adventurers. Spend the night in the comfort of the Roadhouse, which has been a haven for adventure seekers for nearly 40 years.

Begin with another hearty breakfast before starting your snowmobile ride back to Willow. The journey covers a total of 190 miles of scenic trails, from hills to rivers, providing a breathtaking view of Alaska’s wilderness. This package offers a perfect blend of sled dog adventures and snowmobile excursions, making it an unforgettable Alaskan vacation. Enjoy the best northern lights experience, cozy cabin stays, and the thrill of the Iditarod trail.

What's Included?

This tour includes a 2-hour dog sledding adventure, a snowmobile tour to Snowhook Lodge, and a 70-mile ride to Skwentna Roadhouse along the Iditarod trail. Enjoy accommodations in our cabins and the Roadhouse. All meals, necessary gear and equipment for the activities are included. You’ll also have the chance to see the Northern Lights. The package provides everything you need for an exciting and comfortable multi-day Alaskan adventure.

Tour Dates & Times

If you are a single participant, please call to book.

Available: March 1st – 3rd 2025

Ages: 18+

NOTES: If anyone is not comfortable driving, they may ride as a passenger. Drivers must be 18 years or older. This Tour departs at 2 pm and includes everything you need for a perfect day. Please arrive 30 minutes prior so that we can get everyone geared up and ready to leave on time. Experience the true trifecta of authentic adventures that Alaska is known for all in one once-a-year offering in the last frontier.

Anchorage Shuttle +

Call to add an optional round-trip shuttle from Anchorage directly to our HQ for your adventure. Enjoy a hassle-free hotel pickup and drop-off, complete with stunning views along the way.

Travel to and from Anchorage, $100 per person, 2 person min.

Start your adventure with an exciting dog sledding experience in Willow. You’ll ride traditional sleds pulled by 8-12 dogs across snow-covered forests and frozen lakes, getting a taste of authentic dog sled adventures in Alaska. This two-hour journey offers stunning winter scenery and an exhilarating introduction to dog sledding through the snowy trails.

After dog sledding, transition to a thrilling snowmobile tour to Snowhook Lodge on Hatcher Pass. Enjoy the ride through some of the best places to go snowmobiling, with breathtaking views of the Alaskan wilderness, including Denali if the weather permits it! Upon arrival at the lodge, settle into our Alaskan backcountry cabins, complete with handcrafted log furnishings and high-speed Starlink WiFi.

In the evening, savor a hearty dinner and prepare for an amazing Northern Lights experience. The lodge’s social area or the campfire outside provide perfect spots to watch for the colorful northern lights. The chance of a spectacular Northern Lights viewing adds a magical touch to your first day, making it a memorable start to your three-day Iditarod tour.

Start Day 2 with a hearty breakfast at Snowhook Lodge. After fueling up, we’ll visit the Iditarod start to witness the beginning of this iconic race. From there, we head out on a snowmobile ride covering 70 miles to Skwentna Roadhouse. This remote lodge, nestled between the Yentna and Skwentna Rivers, offers a unique Alaskan experience.

At Skwentna Roadhouse, enjoy home-cooked meals and the welcoming atmosphere created by owner Cindi and her friendly dogs. Watch sled dog teams as they pass through the Iditarod checkpoint. The Roadhouse, with its history as a former schoolhouse, provides a comfortable and authentic stay for the night, allowing you to relax and soak in the adventure.

As evening falls, take in the aurora borealis activity, with the chance to view the amazing Northern Lights. This secluded location offers one of the best opportunities to see the colorful northern lights. End your day by sharing stories with fellow travelers in the dining area, creating lasting memories of your Alaskan backcountry adventure.

Start Day 3 with a hearty breakfast at Skwentna Roadhouse. After a fulfilling meal, prepare for the journey back to Willow. The ride covers 70 miles of scenic trails along the Iditarod trail, offering breathtaking views of Alaska’s wilderness. This snowmobile adventure allows you to experience the thrill of backcountry snowmobiling as you traverse hills, rivers, and forests.

The return trip is an exciting part of your Iditarod trail experience. Enjoy the best places to go snowmobiling, with chances to see wildlife and the untouched beauty of the Alaskan backcountry. This snowmobile excursion provides a mix of adventure and natural splendor, ensuring an unforgettable end to your multi-day tour.

As you approach Willow, reflect on the amazing experiences of the past three days, including 190 miles of total snowmobiling adventure! The combination of exciting dog sled adventures, authentic cabin stays, and thrilling snowmobile tours makes this Alaskan vacation truly special. This final leg of your journey reinforces the unique charm and excitement of the Iditarod trail, leaving you with lasting memories of your Alaskan backcountry adventure.

Snowhook Lodge & Cabins

Experience the best in backcountry luxury with Snowhook. Choose from one of five private cabins at our Main Lodge. After an adventure-filled day, see the Northern Lights, compare stories with new friends, and soak in the wilderness of the Last Frontier.

Relax around the campfire. Enjoy true Alaskan hospitality.


A snowmobile is a motorized vehicle designed for travel on snow and ice. It has skis at the front for steering and a continuous track at the rear for propulsion. Snowmobiles are used for winter recreation, including backcountry snowmobile tours, snowmobile adventures, and multi-day snowmobile tours. They allow access to remote places to snowmobile, such as Alaska’s backcountry, offering opportunities for winter snowmobile vacations and overnight snowmobile tours. Snowmobiling is popular in areas known for their snowy landscapes and offers a thrilling way to explore winter terrains.

For snowmobiling, wear layered clothing to stay warm and dry. Start with thermal underwear, add a fleece or wool layer, and top it with a waterproof and windproof jacket and pants. Wear insulated, waterproof boots, warm gloves, and a hat or helmet. Protect your eyes with goggles or sunglasses. This gear keeps you comfortable and safe while you enjoy your snowmobile adventure.

The best time to visit Alaska depends on what you want to do. For aurora borealis activity and the best places to view northern lights, visit from late September to early April. This period offers the best northern lights experience due to long, dark nights. For outdoor activities like dog sledding in snow and snowmobile adventures, winter months are ideal. If you prefer milder weather and longer days for hiking and wildlife viewing, visit from June to August.

The best time to see the Northern Lights is from late September to early April. During these months, the nights are longest, giving you a better chance of northern lights sightings. For the best aurora borealis experience, head to the best locations for northern lights in Alaska, such as our Hatcher Pass cabins. Whether you’re on an overnight dog sledding adventure, a snow mobile tour, or enjoying the Iditarod trail experience, these months provide optimal conditions for viewing. 

For the Iditarod tour, pack warm, layered clothing to handle the cold temperatures. Bring thermal underwear, a warm hat, gloves, and insulated boots. You’ll need these for activities like dog sledding and the snow mobile tour. A good camera is essential to capture the colorful northern lights. Don’t forget personal items like toiletries and any medications. The tour provides outerwear, but having your own layers ensures comfort.

Yes, Snowhook Lodge and our associated cabins have super fast Starlink Wi-Fi.

Driving a snowmobile involves a few simple steps. Start by sitting on the snowmobile and placing your hands on the handlebars. Use the throttle, usually a lever on the right handlebar, to control your speed. Steer by turning the handlebars in the direction you want to go, similar to riding a bike. Always keep your feet on the footrests for balance. Practice on flat terrain before tackling more challenging trails, ensuring a safe and enjoyable snowmobile adventure.

Dog sleds work by harnessing a team of dogs to pull a sled across snow and ice. The dogs are connected to the sled with a series of lines and harnesses. The musher, or driver, stands on the runners at the back of the sled and directs the dogs using vocal commands. The lead dog helps steer the team, while the other dogs provide the pulling power. This traditional method is used in dog sledding through snow, providing a unique and exhilarating way to travel in winter conditions.

The 3D2N Iditarod Package is an exciting adventure. On Day 1, start with a dog sledding tour and a snowmobile ride to Snowhook Lodge on Hatcher Pass, followed by dinner and a chance to see colorful northern lights. Day 2 begins with breakfast, then a ride to the Iditarod start, followed by a 70-mile journey to Skwentna Roadhouse. You’ll watch teams at the checkpoint before settling in for the night. The tour concludes on Day 3 with breakfast and a snowmobile ride back to Willow. The package includes outerwear, gear, meals, snowmobiles, food, and lodging. Available for single and double riders.

You don’t need any experience to join the Iditarod tour. Our guides will provide all the training and support you need for a safe and enjoyable trip. You’ll get to enjoy a sled dog experience and a snow mobile tour, making this one of the best adventures for beginners. Whether you’re looking for the best location for an overnight northern lights viewing or want to try dog sledding, we’ve got you covered. This tour is perfect for anyone interested in an Iditarod trail experience. Our snowmobile vacation packages are designed to be accessible and fun for everyone.

Yes, meals are included in the Iditarod tour package. You’ll enjoy hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners throughout your trip. The package ensures you have the energy needed for activities like dog sledding and exploring the best places to snowmobile in Alaska. Enjoy your meals while you take in the northern lights or relax after a day of adventure. This all-inclusive package makes it easy to focus on your exciting journey.

Yes, you can see wildlife during the Iditarod tour. As you enjoy your dog sled adventures in Alaska, keep an eye out for moose, caribou, and even foxes. The snow mobile tour through the best places in Alaska offers chances to spot various animals in their natural habitats. While you’re out on the Iditarod trail experience, the stunning wilderness is alive with wildlife. This tour not only provides an incredible sled dog experience but also lets you connect with Alaska’s diverse fauna.

Additional Information

For more details about the best times and places to experience the Northern Lights, visit Alaska Travel. They provide information on the best location for northern lights and tips for maximizing your aurora borealis experience. Additionally, National Park Service offers insights into Denali National Park, one of the best places to go snowmobiling and a fantastic spot for snowmachine tours and other winter activities.

If you want to learn more about the Iditarod trail and its history, check out the Official Iditarod Website. They offer comprehensive details on the Iditarod race checkpoint locations, the Iditarod sled dog tour, and other aspects of this legendary event. This resource is invaluable for understanding the full scope of your Iditarod trail experience, enhancing your adventure with historical and cultural context.