Alaska Dog Sledding Tours & Adventures

Alaska Dog Sledding Tours & Adventures

Snowhook - Alaska Snowmobile & Dog Sled Combo

Alaska is a place of adventure and there’s no better way to experience it than on a dog sled tour with Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska. Escape into the backcountry snow and explore the historic and beautiful scenery with our family of Siberian Huskies and expert guides. A short trip from Anchorage, Alaska, our dog sled team provide more than just tours. We invite you to step on a sled with our Alaskan Huskies for an unparalleled adventure and find yourself in Alaska.

Our guides will be there to teach, share and take you out on the trail. Introduce you to our friendly dog sled teams and of course the ride Alaskan dog sleds with you, all near Anchorage. Your trip won’t feel like a tour, it’s a snow-covered backcountry adventure with friends. Whether you’re a first-time explorer or a seasoned adventurer, we tailor the experience to suit your ability and confidence. It will be a memory for a lifetime.

And don’t worry about the dogs. When we say that the dogs are our family, we really mean it. Our commitment to our huskies is for life here in Alaska. At Snowhook we believe that the care of and the relationship we have with them is our top priority. Young or old, and with quite a few rescues too each dog has a place for life here where they are loved.

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Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska is open year-round, and offers a variety of dog sled experiences for everyone.

Located just over an hour from Anchorage, dog sledding is perfect for families, friends and those looking to experience the Authentic Alaskan Adventure. 

Available: Oct - Apr

For a truly Alaskan experience that will make your vacation complete, nothing compares to our signature two-hour tour. You’ll travel by dog sled team on trails through snow-covered forests, over the hills, and across frozen lakes in a winter wonderland. Just a short trip from Anchorage Dog Sledding is a must while you are here. Depending on early and late season conditions this tour is available November through early May and is perfect for beginners and experienced guests alike.

Your adventure begins the moment you arrive at Snowhook. Our team of retired sled dogs will welcome you at your car with the wag of a tail and looking for a head scratch. From there we will get you outfitted for the weather and after a few tales from the trail and a little sled dog history told around a campfire, we’ll head up to the dogs where you get to meet and play with our canine family. Many who have run Iditarod!

Once you’ve made friends with the pups, we’ll head out on the trail for the ride of a lifetime. Our custom-made sleds are designed for two passengers plus one guide and are usually pulled by 8 to 12 dogs per team. The sled has a spot for a person to sit down on the front of the sled, the guide will drive in the middle while the other passenger will be on the second driving spot standing behind the guide. Most people opt to trade out halfway through the course so both can grab amazing photos from the front and experience learning how to drive a sled on the back.
This trail isn’t just a flat circle. It’s a real adventure where you will go up and down hills and around turns. Don’t worry though, your guide will be there the entire time to build your skills, share the history of the dogs along the way and of course the very best of Alaska with you.

Add a Combo Adventure

Add Snowmobiling to your Winter Dog Sledding Experience.

Experience the beauty and adventure of Alaska’s winter in our Ultimate Alaska Winter Adventure, featuring our signature Dog Sledding and Snowmobile Tours. This full-day experience travels through snow-covered woods, over frozen lakes and rivers with stunning views of Denali, all while providing a true Alaskan adventure with snow dogs and snow machine.

This unique experience begins with our Alaskan huskies as your tour travels over trails in a winter wonderland. You’ll enjoy the beauty and thrill of running with a team of Iditarod dogs guided by Iditarod mushers who will share with you a life lived with dogs and the unique bond we share with these remarkable canines. Following this adventure, we will warm up a little with homemade chili, hot chocolate, and snacks before we transition to a little thumb-on-the-throttle fun on our snowmobile tour!

Whether you’re new to snowmobiling or an experienced rider, we’ll have you up and riding in no time on a 35-mile ride along the Iditarod trail. You’ll experience fantastic views of snow-covered mountains like Denali, cruising down groomed trails and the best part is heading out into our play areas where you get to play in the powder. This tour has something for everyone!
This tour is the best value and most popular tour we have as a tour operator. It tends to sell out fast! If you’re uncertain about riding, we do have two-person machines as well as a snow coach that can be towed behind a snowmobile for little ones.

An adventure that captures the best of all of Alaska’s winter experiences in one tour.

Join us on our signature Dog Sled and Ice Fishing Tour.

Available: Apr - Sept

No snow? No problem! Dog sledding in Alaska is a bucket-list item for many visitors, and the lack of snow doesn’t stop our Alaskan huskies or dog tours. As a tour operator in the summer months, we offer dog tours and mushers with our 8-passenger cart pulled by our team of Alaskan huskies through the woods and over the hills. On a clear day, our trail offers a variety of views of Denali. On your dog sled trip, of course, there is always plenty of time to play with the pups on our kennel tours. Conveniently based near Anchorage experience Alaskan dog sleds without the cold.

Similar to our winter tours, right from the start our retired dogs will greet you at your car looking for a little scratch of the head while they welcome you to the kennel. From there, we’ll get you outfitted for whatever weather we have and after a few stories from the trails and a little sled dog history, we’ll invite you to meet and play with our family of Alaskan huskies. Be careful though, if you pet one dog, they all will want to be loved on too.

After you’ve made friends with the dogs, we’ll head out on the trail where you’ll be amazed how strong the dogs are and how they love to run and pull the sled. They’ll be plenty of time to take pictures with the dogs and give them a lot of love along the trail. They always appreciate the attention for a job well done.

These Alaska dog sled tours are a perfect introduction for all years of age and is in the heart of Alaska’s mushing country near Anchorage. We’ll share with you how to work with the huskies, harness and how the dog sled teams work here in Alaska. At the end of the trip, you might be thinking about running dogs yourself.

Add a Combo Adventure

Our tours include your choice of an ATV “four wheeler” or a UTV “side by side”.

Immerse yourself in the best of Alaskan experiences with an incredible Dog Sled & ATV Adventure Tour from May through October. This combination of dog sledding and ATV adventure is a must-do when visiting Alaska. With something for everyone, our experienced guides will tailor these tours to your abilities and help you master, snow dogs, the trails and your machine. So you splash through the creeks like a pro.

Your full day experience starts at our Iditarod kennel at Snowhook, where you’ll meet and play with our over the top friendly dogs. Next, experience dogs mushing as they pull the sled through the woods. Learn about these amazing Alaskan huskies and how happy they are to be on the trail together. Of course, we are happy to take photos for you and answer any questions along the way. If you want to get more involved, we’ll teach you how to harness and work with the dogs. Afterward, enjoy a gourmet burger, fries, and cookies for lunch before heading out on the next part of your adventure on Hatcher Pass.

Following lunch, we’ll make our way to our ATV base in Hatcher Pass, located in the Talkeetna mountains. Here, you’ll explore the backcountry, splashing through rivers and climbing mountain trails on your ATV, all while taking in breathtaking views. If you don’t want to drive or have children, don’t worry, we have ATVs and UTVs available. Choose from single-rider ATVs or multi-person option UTVs to ensure everyone gets the best experience. This tour is the ideal blend of Alaskan adventures, providing you with opportunities to ride with our huskies and hone your ATV skills in Alaska.

We’re excited to share the real Alaska with you.

Available: Sep - Oct
Snowhook - Fall Dog Sledding

Our fall dog sled tour is a beautiful trip through the vibrant Alaskan wilderness. Willow and Hatcher Pass transform into a canvas of color during autumn, making it the perfect time to explore this beautiful scenery by dog sled team. With the cooler weather setting in and the summer heat dwindling, our Alaskan dog sledding adventure offers a variety of exciting backcountry experiences.

As the season changes, mushers begin training their dogs. Preparing them for the world-famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, a thousand-mile expedition across Alaska. Our tour offers a rare glimpse into the dogsled world of Alaska and huskies, showcasing the dedication and skill required to participate in mushing. You’ll witness sleds pulled by dogs, learn about the meticulous care that goes into dog sledding, and marvel at the remarkable bond between our guides and their snow dogs.

These Fall Alaska Dog Sled Tours include all the highlights of our winter tour, near Anchorage. Providing ample opportunities to interact with our dogs, capture memorable photos, and enjoy a scenic ride with the sled dog team.

Snowhook - Fall Dog Sledding
Atv in mud
Available: May - Aug
Atv in mud

Experience the thrill of Alaska with our Midnight Sun ATV & Sunrise Dog Sled Combo. Start your adventure with a hearty Alaskan dinner at Snowhook Lodge, then embark on a three-hour ATV or UTV ride through the stunning Talkeetna Mountains. The midnight sun illuminates the rugged landscape, offering a unique twilight experience. After your exhilarating ride, unwind in our cozy cabins for a restful night.

Wake up refreshed and enjoy a hearty breakfast before heading to the kennel to meet our team of Alaskan huskies. This dog sledding tour gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how mushers and dogs prepare for the winter season. Enjoy the husky sledding experience as our well-trained dogs pull the sled through summer trails. This adventure provides an intimate connection with the Alaskan wilderness and its incredible sled dogs.

Our comprehensive tour package includes lodging, meals, and all necessary gear for both the ATV and dog sled adventures. Join us for an unforgettable Alaskan adventure that showcases the beauty and spirit of this incredible landscape.

Available: Feb - Mar (Next Availability March 7th - 11th)
Snowhook Lodges - Snowmobile 02

The Rainy Pass Snowmobile Expedition is a five-day tour that takes guests through the stunning backcountry of Alaska. The adventure begins at our HQ in Willow, where participants take on a snowmobile journey to the Snowhook Lodge, nestled in the Talkeetna Mountains. The first full day is packed with snowmobiling and offers an introduction to the Alaskan wilderness. Guests spend their first night at Snowhook Lodge, enjoying a blend of adventure and relaxation, with a chance to see the Northern Lights.

On the second day, the tour features an exhilarating dog sledding experience, providing breathtaking views of Denali and the beautiful Alaskan Scenery. After dog sledding, guests continue their adventure on snowmobiles, heading to the historic Skwentna Roadhouse. This leg of the journey offers a chance to witness the Northern Lights and enjoy traditional Alaskan cuisine. The Roadhouse, known for its unique location and history, serves as the accommodation for the night, adding to the authentic Alaskan experience.

The expedition progresses further into the Alaska Range towards Rainy Pass, with the third day bringing guests to Perrins Rainy Pass Lodge. Here, the tour includes serene horse-drawn sleigh rides and an engaging ice fishing experience, complete with underwater cameras. The final day is a culmination of the adventure, as guests take a long snowmobile ride through diverse landscapes, ending back at Snowhook HQ. This tour not only offers thrilling outdoor activities but also provides guests with a deep immersion into Alaska’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Snowhook Lodges - Snowmobile 02
Snowhook - Landscape 01

Dog Sled Ride Sights

Snowhook - Landscape 01

Our dog sledding spot is just a short drive from Anchorage, Alaska, in an area steeped in a gold mining past. We’re close to both Willow and Hatcher Pass, places brimming with amazing Alaskan nature and perfect trails for our husky rides. You’ll even catch sight of the massive Denali mountain during our tours, which kick off from Willow and take you through Hatcher Pass, a favorite local haunt.

Ready for a husky-led journey through Hatcher Pass? We’ll guide you through fantastic Alaskan scenery loaded with trails just waiting for our dogs to explore. You’ll travel through forests blanketed in snow and across frozen lakes. Keep your eyes peeled, as you might see some local wildlife like moose, lynx, or eagles. Some tours even give you the chance to spot the northern lights or check out age-old glaciers.

Join us for a genuine Alaskan dog sled ride through Hatcher Pass. We’re based in Willow, not far from Anchorage, and we’re here to show you Alaska at its finest.

Experience True Alaska

You’ll find the real Alaska here on the trails, and you’ll be able to find some of the best places to gain unbelievable views of the great Denali mountain. It’s a place free from city noise, a land that’s still wild. Every season paints a different color palette. We share this area with many wildlife like moose, bears, lynx, foxes, and cranes. Our region hosts the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

During spring, Hatcher Passes trails wildflowers bloom and birds like golden eagles and sandhill cranes return. You may also see remnants of abandoned gold mines in the Independence Mine State Historical Park. Our husky sledding experiences allow us to access the magnificent spectacles of nature that Alaska has to offer and provide you with some of the best places to view Denali.

In summer, the landscape of Willow and Hatcher Pass is lush green. The forests are home to diverse flora and fauna. Sometimes we can even find sweet blueberries and crowberries.

Autumn turns the Willow and Hatcher Pass trails into a colorful painting. The region’s rivers and streams teem with salmon, attracting brown bears. You can spot historical structures like old gold mines from the early 1900s.

Winter transforms Willow and Hatcher Pass into a snow paradise, perfect for our Alaskan Husky sledding tours and adventures. Our Snowhook tours navigate through valleys and mountains. You can spot wildlife such as snowshoe hares, red foxes, and even elusive lynx. Remnants of old mining cabins further add a historic touch to the snow-clad landscape.

Our Dogs Are Family

Our love of dogs goes back to when we were kids ourselves but our journey to Alaska and how huskies became a central point in our life really started the day we snuck our first dog into the condo we were renting when we were in college. That dog very nearly got us kicked out on the street when the landlord found out about it but the second dog, we snuck in a few months later did get us kicked out. And so, we started our dogsled journey to Alaska with our two Alaskan huskies and very little idea of what we were doing except a commitment to provide the best home for our dogs that we could.

Now, more than twenty years later we have 67 dogs ranging from a few months to 15 years old. We have bred huskies in Alaska, bought a few, and rescued a lot more over the years. We still honor our commitment made to those first two dogs with all of these guys to provide the best home we can for them for the entirety of their lives. Indeed, each dog has a story and deep experiences with us ranging from running Iditarod to simply sitting together on the deck of the house.
It’s been an amazing life with these dogs, and we welcome you to come and share, experience and love these dogs yourself. And to especially come see why we say that dogs are family with us.


A dog sledding adventure is more than just another tour, it lets you explore the beautiful Alaskan wilderness while being pulled by your dog sledding team. It is a unique and memorable way to experience Alaska’s stunning landscapes and immerse yourself in traditional dog mushing culture where you not only get to interact with the dogs on a personal level but you also learn how to drive a sled and travel some very adventurous trails. Dog Sledding Holidays are incredible, and a must in Alaska. With Snowhook your Alaskadog experience really is not just a cookie cutter tour, its an adventure. It’s amazing to feel our Alaskan Huskies pull the sleds!

No matter what the season, we have the gear to keep you warm and comfortable on the trail and it’s included in the price of your tour. We also provide you with expert guides who are all Alaskan’s and have a long history in the backcountry of Alaska. Rest assured. We’re going to take care of you.

We provide you with snowsuits, boots, and gloves. So, if you don’t want to pack or buy an entire winter outfit. We have you covered. The only items we don’t provide are face masks, hats or neck gaiters. We do have some available for purchase.

Spring, Summer, and Fall:
We provide rain jackets and pants, boots, and gloves. We also have mosquito spray available if you forget yours too!

We offer a range of dog sledding holidays. Pure  Dog Sled Adventure Tours in Summer, Winter and Fall. Or combine snow dogs and machine adventure, with either the Dog Sledding and Snowmobile Combo Tour, or the Dog Sled & ATV Adventure Tour.

Each trip provides a unique and thrilling experience as you traverse through Alaska’s magnificent terrain.

Yes, our Alaska dog sledding tours are suitable for all ages and abilities. Our experienced mushers will work with you to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Whether you’re a first-timer or have previous dog sledding experience, we have the perfect tour for you. Don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions about our alaskadog experiences.

For Dog Sledding holidays we recommend wearing warm base layers and avoiding cotton clothing. Dress in layers and wear insulated, waterproof outerwear, including jackets, pants, gloves, and boots. We provide gear if you need it for our tours, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. Hand warmers, head socks, and face masks are available for purchase at our check-in cabin. We also recommend wearing some sort of goggles or sunglasses.

We monitor weather conditions closely to ensure the safety of our guests and dogs. In the event of extreme weather conditions, we may need to reschedule or cancel a tour. However, we typically continue with our tours in most weather situations, as snow and cold temperatures are part of the dog sledding experience. We may be jinxing it here but we haven’t had to cancel a dog sled tour yet!

No prior experience is necessary for our Alaskan dog sled tours. Our skilled mushers will teach you the basics of dog mushing and ensure that you are comfortable before embarking on your adventure. There’s no better way to see Alaska than on our dog sleds. Our tours are more than just a ride, you will really learn the basics of dog mushing.

We and our sled dogs are based about 1 hour from downtown Anchorage Alaska. The road is all highway and is well maintained no matter what the weather is. If you are traveling in your own vehicle we have secure parking at our basecamp facility. Shuttles are available round trip from Anchorage hotels or b and bs for an additional charge. There is a complimentary shuttle from our base camp in Willow to our Hatcher Pass ATV tour camp if you don’t want to drive up there yourself. Our Hatcher Pass site is rental car approved and unlike other options your rental insurance will be valid with most major rental companies in the area. For customers traveling in RV, we have secure onsite parking facilities for you as well.

Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska works hard every day to create a fun and safe adventure tour unlike anything else available in Alaska. Our guides are trained in backcountry first aid, safety and environmental awareness. We use every best practice available to ensure your safety from our experience to our equipment. Guests who have special requirements relevant to their tour are highly recommended to let their guides know before we go. Our guests are also responsible for their own safety by following our guidelines. Reckless behavior, drugs and alcohol are all prohibited on our Alaskan dog sled tours.

Before starting any of our outdoor adventures, as they say, safety comes first. Here are some riding safety information and guidelines for you and your group to follow whilst on one of our guided Dog Sled tours.

Snowhook’s guides will provide a safety briefing and instruction before your tour. It is important to pay attention and follow directions. There will be time for photos and to play with the dogs.

  • Please let us know beforehand if anyone in your group has additional requirements. The trail we follow has a lot of ups and downs. As we’ve said it’s not just a flat circle we go around and we want to ensure that everyone has a fun but safe experience.
  • Always follow your guide’s instructions, whether related to the sled or dogs.
  • Children must always be supervised by their parent or guardian. There is no running or horseplay in the dog yard.
  • In case of emergency, stay with your team and a guide will help you.
  • Using drugs or drinking is strictly prohibited on our tours – We have a zero tolerance policy and reserve the right to remove any individual(s) before or during a tour. Just don’t be that guy that ruins it for everyone.
  • Riders on our tours are financially responsible for any, and all damage, accidental or otherwise.

The length of our guided dog sledding tours varies depending on the specific tour, with tours typically ranging from 2-6 hours in length. Alaskan dog sled tours are comfortable for this time period, however if you have any concerns or requirements please don’t hesitate to get in contact. Please note that there are no restrooms in the backcountry, so all guests are advised to use our facilities before departure.

Our Alaska dog sledding tours are suitable for children and adults, with a recommended minimum age of 3 years old. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Under aged children cannot attend a tour without a parent or guardian. 

Absolutely! There will be plenty of opportunities to capture the beautiful scenery of Alaska and dog sleds on your incredible adventure. We encourage you to take photos with the sled dogs and your musher. We’re also happy to take photos of you out on the trail, though you may end up with a few selfies of us too. Alaskan dog sleds make for an excellent place to shoot from, please ask in advance if you need additional space for equipment.

Yes, drones are welcome on our dog sledding tours. Tracking the dog sleds, or getting beautiful footage and photos of Alaska is highly recomended. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pets or service animals on our Alaska dog sledding tours, as they may interfere with the sled dogs’ focus, and it presents a risk to them. With snow dogs and machine based tours operating from our facility this is not something we can offer. Also we have our own loose dogs on the property.

Lunch is provided as a part of our full day tours. However, you can buy lunch when you check in. Lunch is served at 12, so please plan accordingly. We can accommodate some food on our Alaskan Dog Sleds, however please ask in advance. We serve chili in the winter and gourmet burgers in the summer in addition to fries, cookies and of course drinks. If you have dietary restrictions please let us know as soon as possible so we can work with you.

Be warned though, our retired dogs have mastered the art of giving you world class puppy dog eyes during lunchtime.

With our facilities and tour capacities we can easily accommodate 60 people on a simultaneous tour. However maximum group sizes can be larger than this, we will work with you to accommodate groups of any size. Get in contact if you have any questions.

Our guides are all Alaskans who live in and love the outdoors and who bring with them over a 100 years of experience in Alaska and its backcountry.  They have been trained in Wilderness First Aid, Risk Management, the history of Alaska, and are highly qualified in all the tours we offer. They are exceptional at creating a fun and safe tour where you feel like you’re out with old friends on an adventure in Alaska. Equally they are incredibly experienced in all things alaskadog. We often say that we’ll treat you like family, unless you don’t like your family… then we will treat you better than that.

Additional Information

Enjoy dog sledding with Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska. Here are some useful resources for everyone, heading out with our expertly trained Alaskan huskies. ISDRA  provides a wealth of information about dog mushing, making it a great starting point for beginners.

For those curious about our huskies, the American Kennel Club offers valuable insights on the breed. You can delve deeper into their care and training with resources from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. National Weather Service Alaska provides current updates on our state’s amazing weather conditions.

The Bureau of Land Management – Alaska keeps you informed about trail conditions. Lastly, immerse yourself in the history of dog sledding with tales from the iconic Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, available on The Iditarod Official Site. With these resources, you’re ready for an unforgettable, authentic Alaskan dog sledding adventure with Snowhook.