Winter Vacancy Application

Adventure Guide

$ DOE Hourly
  • Aug - Oct
  • Willow, AK
  • Available
All Year

Are you searching for winter jobs in Alaska? Our Winter Guide role, available August to October, is not just a job; it’s an adventure. This position is among the best seasonal jobs in Alaska, especially if you’re seeking employment with housing, which is available with Snowhook. It’s a perfect job for both locals and travelling foreigners in Alaska. You’ll lead breathtaking tours, making it one of the most rewarding travel jobs in all of Alaska. If you’re in the job search market, particularly for seasonal jobs or winter jobs near Anchorage, this role offers an extraordinary Alaskan experience. Our guides enjoy careers in Alaska that are not just jobs but life-changing adventures.

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Adventure Guide

$ DOE Hourly
  • Aug - Oct
  • Willow, AK
  • Available
All Year

Key Responsibilities:

Risk management, safety and good decision-making skills.

Communicate effectively with guests and co-workers which includes speaking in front of large groups.

Care for the dogs, the equipment, and premises.

Work cooperatively with guests, other guides and vendors to ensure the success of the tours.

Guide tours in Alaska’s backcountry.

Build guest confidence and abilities throughout the tour.

Transport guests and equipment as needed.

Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Applicants must be 18 years or older.

Must have clean driving record and able to pass background check.

Must be able to lift 60 lbs frequently.

Willingness to work in all weather conditions.

First Aid and CPR Preferred – May be obtained prior to start of season.

Demonstrated sound decision making and communication skills.

Demonstrated backcountry/outdoor experience.

Preferred guiding or leadership experience.

Snowmachines in Snow
Snowmachines in Snow

Being an Adventure Guide for Snowhook is one of the most rewarding winter jobs in Alaska. As a Winter Adventure Guide, you’ll lead guests through some of the most beautiful and exciting landscapes in the state. Your role will involve guiding dog sledding tours, where you’ll zip through the snowy wilderness, offering both thrill and awe to adventurers. These tours are a staple of Alaska tour jobs, appealing to both adrenaline seekers and nature lovers. In addition, you’ll steer find yourself guiding snowmobile expeditions, sharing this exciting Alaskan experience with fellow thrill seekers. This position is perfect for those interested in Alaska work and travel, combining exciting outdoor activities with the unique culture of Alaska.

Your role goes beyond just guiding tours; it’s about creating lasting memories. In quieter moments, you’ll guide guests in ice fishing, where they can catch local fish under the vast Alaskan sky. This mix of activities makes our guide positions some of the best seasonal jobs in Alaska, especially for those who appreciate the great outdoors. It’s more than just a working holiday in Alaska; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and adventure that Alaska offers. This natural beauty also includes the Northern Lights, which you will encounter regularly on our overnight tours that you’ll guide, a truly memorable sight that never gets old.

Winter Adventure Guide Application


You’ll conduct tours in dog sledding, snowmobile adventures, and ice fishing, along with guiding guests to see the Northern Lights.

Yes, our Winter Adventure Guide positions are open to both locals and foreigners looking for exciting work in Alaska.

Although the role doesn’t include accommodation, Snowhook offers options for housing with our winter jobs, making it easier for those relocating for the season.

Strong communication, a passion for outdoor activities, and a commitment to guest safety are crucial. Guiding experience is a plus, but not mandatory.

Visit our website, complete the application form, and upload your resume. We welcome both local and international applicants.

Yes, our Winter Adventure Guide roles are perfect for those seeking seasonal wilderness guide jobs that combine work with adventure in Alaska.

Responsibilities include risk management, ensuring guest safety, and providing an enriching experience on each tour.

First Aid and CPR certifications are preferred. If you don’t have them, you can obtain them before the season starts.

Yes, being a Winter Adventure Guide is one of the most rewarding and sought-after seasonal jobs in Alaska.

Definitely! This role is ideal for those wanting a working holiday in Alaska, offering a unique blend of work and exploration.

Additional Information

As you consider applying for one of the most rewarding winter jobs in Alaska, it’s important to be well-informed. For insights into the broader scope of work and travel opportunities in Alaska, a visit to the Alaska Travel Industry Association can be incredibly helpful. They provide comprehensive information about the tourism industry, including aspects relevant to seasonal adventure jobs and winter tourism careers in Alaska.

Additionally, understanding the environmental aspects of such roles is crucial. The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics offers excellent guidelines on sustainable practices, which are essential for anyone engaging in outdoor adventure jobs. And for a broader perspective on living and working in Alaska, including accommodation and lifestyle tips, the State of Alaska’s official website is a valuable resource, especially for those relocating from other areas for winter employment in Alaska.