Snowhook Lodge & Cabins

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Snowhook Lodge & Cabins

Welcome to Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska, where our cabins offer perfect end to an exiting day in the Alaskan backcountry. Enjoy the best Alaska has to offer with our Northern Light combos, which includes dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, breakfast, and dinner at Snowhook Lodge.

Connect with friends old and new around the campfire. Plus stay connected to home with Starlink Wi-Fi as you settle in amongst the wild.

Snowhook Lodge has 5 private comfortable cabins, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included at the main Lodge. Evenings are a time for sharing tales around the campfire, a favorite among our guests. Get ready to kick back and enjoy the simple pleasures of lodge life with us year round.

Each stay includes a comfortable cabin, equipped with handcrafted log furniture while Starlink WiFi keeps you connected. You’ll enjoy full food service, with hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners served in the communal warmth of Snowhook Lodge. Access to a shared restroom facility, complete with private showers and toilets.

Our stays are designed for adventurers who want to pair the comfort of our cabins with the thrill of the wilderness. With us, accommodation comes hand-in-hand with action-packed seasonal excursions. Whether you’re drawn by the winter’s Northern Lights or the summer’s Midnight Sun, we’ve got the perfect adventure combo for you.

Gear up for an exhilarating winter with our combo tours. Opt for the 2-day, 1-night Snowmobile & Northern Lights combo to speed through snowy trails and gaze at the auroras. Or, mix it up with the 2-day, 1-night Dog Sled and Snowmobile combo, capped off with a Northern Lights show. If you’re up for more, our 3-day, 2-night adventure throws in dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and aurora viewing for a full-on Alaskan winter experience.

Northern Light Combos

Snowmobile across Alaska’s winter landscape. Overnight in a remote cabin. Witness the Northern Lights. Suitable for ages 12+, with options for non-driving participants.

Dog sled Adventure, snowmobile thrills, and a view the Northern Lights. Cabin stay includes meals and snowshoeing. Open to ages 12+, with snowcoach for kids.

Experience dog sledding, ice fishing, and snowshoeing across three days. Enjoy cozy cabin stays, meals, and a Northern Lights viewing. Open to ages 12+, with alternative options for kids.

After a day packed with adventure, Snowhook Lodge is your hub for relaxation. Central to the lodge’s experience is our welcoming campfire. It’s the perfect spot to kick back, warm up, and exchange stories with fellow travelers. Additionally, the fire provides a cozy atmosphere to wind down.

Your trip to Snowhook Lodge, combines all of the best Alaskan backcountry adventures, with the relaxation of a wilderness experience. You can enjoy a hot drink, roast some snacks, and relax in the company of new friends. After the perfect adventure and a great meal, relax around the campfire and swap tales of your day with new friends. 

Our Alaskan Cabins

We designed our cabins for your comfort. To keep in touch with the world or just to post that perfect wilderness memory, you can rely on our onsite Starlink WiFi for a high-speed internet connection.

Our private cabins are furnished with Alaskan handcrafted log pieces, giving you both a comfortable and genuine Alaskan experience. Choose from our cabins with King or Queen beds. Alternatively, families can enjoy the bunkhouse, outfitted with a queen bed and a double above. You’ll find a communal restroom facility equipped with individual showers and toilets to ensure your convenience and privacy.

Visit Snowhook Lodge, where we serve up a full food service: a robust breakfast to start your day, lunch during activities and a delicious dinner to recount your adventures. After your day’s explorations, visit the lodge’s social area or step out onto the deck to soak in the views. Come evening, gather around the campfire or fire ring—a favorite feature among our guests— the perfect wrap-up to your day’s journey.


Yes, guests can make direct bookings for their preferred dates and packages through our website or by contacting us.

Each Cabin provides:

  • A choice of King, Queen, or Bunkhouse-style beds.
  • Handcrafted log furniture for an authentic Alaskan ambiance.
  • Access to Starlink Wi-Fi.
  • Full food service including breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Snowhook Lodge.
  • Shared WC facility with private showers and toilets.

Yes, we offer ample parking space for our guests.

Yes, the age restriction for activities at Snowhook is 12+.

Most activities are child-friendly, and we also provide alternative options like snowcoaches for younger kids.

Our lodges are equipped with Starlink Wi-Fi, ensuring you stay connected even amidst the wilderness.

At Snowhook Lodge, you can see a wide variety of wildlife. Moose often wander nearby, and you might spot bald eagles flying overhead. Bears, both black and grizzly, are also common in the area. Caribou herds pass through during migration. Smaller creatures like foxes, porcupines, snowshoe hares, and squirrels are frequently seen. We offer guided wildlife tours and educational talks to safely watch and learn about these animals in their natural habitats. This helps ensure everyone’s safety and respects the local wildlife.

Yes, we offer a full food service, including hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, all served at the Snowhook Lodge.

We provide essential gear for the activities, but guests can bring their personal gear if they prefer.

Yes, Snowhook Lodge features a basecamp and social area where guests can relax, enjoy hot drinks, and mingle.

Yes, all our activities are supervised by experienced guides or instructors to ensure safety and an unforgettable experience.

The Lodges and associated adventure tours are available in winter and summer.


Additional Information

Before stepping foot into the backcountry, get a head start by checking out the National Weather Service Alaska for the latest weather conditions. This valuable resource will help you pack the right gear to comfortably enjoy every moment of your cabin stay, whether you’re gazing at the midnight sun or the winter’s northern lights. For those keen on exploring the great outdoors, the Bureau of Land Management – Alaska is an essential stop. Here, you can find updates on trail conditions and land use information, essential for your hiking and ATV tour planning.

Once you’re settled in one of our cabins, you’ll never have to worry about streaming your favorite shows or losing internet connection thanks to Starlink’s innovative satellite internet service. It ensures internet connection even in the heart of the Alaskan wilds. Additionally, Gather ideas and start planning an unforgettable celebration with resources from The Knot. You can find all you need to tailor a magical wedding or a productive company retreat amidst Alaska’s wildnerness.