All Year Vacancy Application

Assistant Office Manager

$ DOE Hourly
  • Annual
  • Willow, AK
  • Available
All year

Join our team as an Assistant Office Manager at Snowhook and contribute to the heart of our administrative operations. Starting in September 2024, you’ll handle key admin assistant duties and provide essential support as an office assistant. You’ll work alongside the Office Manager, applying your management techniques to streamline processes and enhance team coordination skills. This role demands a hands-on approach to administrative duties, excellent organization, and a commitment to maintaining our office management systems. If you excel in a vibrant team setting and are ready to manage a range of assistant manager tasks, we invite you to apply for this fulfilling office assistant job. This role includes paid time off and a seasonal bonus.

Assistant Office Manager

$ DOE Hourly
  • Annual
  • Willow, AK
  • Available
All year

Key Responsibilities:

Risk management, safety and good decision-making skills.

Managing where tour groups need to go

Office related tasks

Work cooperatively with guests, guides and vendors to ensure successful tours

Taking Reservations

Answering the phone

Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Applicants must be 18 years or older.

Must have clean driving record and able to pass background check.

Self Starter – Fix things autonomously

Office related skills

Organisational skills

Good Communication

Technical proficiency and attention to detail


Snowhook Lodges - Lodge with NL

The Role of an Assistant Office Manager

Snowhook Lodges - Lodge with NL

As an Assistant Office Manager at Snowhook, your role extends beyond typical administrative duties to play a key part in the guest journey. Starting in September 2024, you will collaborate with an established team, applying your office-related skills to keep our operations seamless. Your tasks will include managing the flow of internal processes, ensuring groups are directed correctly, handling reservations, and maintaining clear communication lines. From the first phone call to the final details of a guest’s adventure itinerary, your work will be integral to the experience Snowhook provides.

Your role embodies the spirit of team collaboration, supporting the Office Manager in creating an organized and welcoming environment for both guests and staff. You’ll be relied upon for managing essential tasks that support the infrastructure of our wilderness retreat. With your help, we ensure that every guest’s adventure starts and ends with efficiency and care. This position offers the rewarding opportunity to grow with us year-round, benefitting from paid time off and a seasonal bonus as you contribute to Snowhook’s success.

Assistant Office Manager Application


Working in Alaska, particularly in administrative roles, is characterized by a dynamic and robust work environment. The scenic beauty of the state is unparalleled, and the work culture often reflects the close-knit communities and the spirit of teamwork. Office administrators and assistants are highly valued for their organizational skills and their ability to manage office management systems efficiently. As an admin assistant or office manager, you’ll be expected to handle a variety of tasks ranging from routine administrative duties to ensuring smooth office team management. Despite the demanding nature of the roles, there’s a strong emphasis on work-life balance, making it an attractive place for those who treasure both professional growth and the allure of the great outdoors.

Living in Alaska offers a unique experience compared to other states due to its vast wilderness, tight-knit communities, and opportunities for outdoor activities year-round. For those in administrative roles like an office assistant or office manager, the difference lies in the integration of nature with daily work life. Alaska encourages a balance between office management tasks and the great outdoors, with office team management often including collaborative approaches suited to the state’s spirited lifestyle. Office administrators here are adept at using office management systems and techniques that cater to the logistics of remote locations, making Alaskan admin assistants and managers resourceful and adaptive professionals.

Success in administrative roles hinges on a few key qualities. An office assistant or admin assistant needs to be organized and efficient, able to juggle various admin assistant duties with precision. Strong communication skills are essential, enabling one to convey information clearly and assist in office team management effectively. Attention to detail is crucial for managing office manager tasks accurately, while adaptability allows one to handle the fluid nature of assistant manager tasks. Finally, proficiency with office management systems and a solid grasp of office management techniques ensure that all operations flow smoothly. Combining these skills with the ability to work well in a team sets the foundation for excellence in any administrative capacity.

Working in office administration comes with its set of challenges, such as managing a high volume of tasks with precision and efficiency. An office administrator must balance a variety of admin assistant duties, often simultaneously. Adapting to rapidly changing priorities while maintaining meticulous attention to detail is a daily requirement. In addition, those in an office assistant job need to employ effective team coordination skills to ensure smooth operations. Developing and implementing office management systems that enhance productivity can also be complex. Navigating these challenges successfully requires resilience, flexibility, and a thorough understanding of office management techniques.

For the Assistant Office Manager role at Snowhook, the essential qualifications include a strong foundation in office administration and the ability to perform admin assistant duties effectively. Applicants should have experience with office management techniques and be familiar with various office management systems. Key qualifications also encompass the capability to handle assistant manager tasks with efficiency and precision. Proficiency in team coordination skills is highly valued, as well as the ability to support the office manager in all facets of office team management. A successful candidate will be organized, adept at multitasking, and demonstrate excellent communication skills, ensuring the smooth operation of the office’s daily activities.

An Assistant Office Manager at Snowhook significantly bolsters our daily operations through a variety of pivotal roles. They undertake admin assistant duties, playing a crucial part in scheduling tours, managing bookings, and ensuring that all preparatory tasks for guest adventures are meticulously organized. Their work includes streamlining communication between departments, aiding in the seamless execution of assistant manager tasks, and upholding the efficiency of our office’s workflow. By managing these essential tasks, they enable our team to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to our guests. The Assistant Office Manager’s adeptness at management techniques and team coordination skills ensures that Snowhook operates smoothly on a daily basis, making them an indispensable member of the Snowhook team.

Working in a remote or wilderness setting like Snowhook offers a unique blend of challenges and rewards. You’ll be immersed in the stunning beauty of Alaska, with opportunities to engage in and coordinate guided outdoor adventures. The role requires adaptability, as you manage both the lodge facilities and ensure guests have exceptional experiences. Being part of a close-knit team, you’ll develop strong bonds and gain a deep appreciation for the natural environment. This setting offers a serene backdrop for work, but also demands resourcefulness and a strong sense of responsibility. It’s a fulfilling experience, combining hospitality, adventure tourism management, and the joys of living close to nature.

An Assistant Office Manager should be proficient with a variety of software and office management systems that streamline administrative duties and enhance team coordination. Key tools include scheduling software for managing tours and appointments, productivity suites for document creation and management, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to maintain guest communications effectively. Familiarity with project management tools also supports office team management and helps in executing assistant manager tasks efficiently. Additionally, understanding basic financial software for budget tracking and expense reporting is beneficial. Mastery of these systems is crucial for performing admin assistant duties and supporting the office manager in daily operations, ensuring everything from tour scheduling to office administration runs smoothly.

The Assistant Office Manager at Snowhook will deal with a variety of tours, primarily focusing on Alaska’s unique wilderness adventures. These include dog sledding expeditions, Northern Lights viewing trips, ice fishing expeditions, and snowmobiling adventures across the snowy landscape. As part of their admin assistant duties, the Assistant Office Manager will use office management techniques to schedule these tours, coordinate logistics, and ensure that guests have all the information they need for their adventure. This role requires strong organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently, including communicating with guides and guests to facilitate unforgettable experiences. The Assistant Office Manager plays a crucial role in office team management, ensuring that each tour runs smoothly from start to finish.

The key responsibilities of an Assistant Office Manager at Snowhook include a wide range of administrative and organizational tasks. In this role, you are expected to handle admin assistant duties such as scheduling tours, managing office supplies, and ensuring that office equipment is maintained and functioning properly. You will assist with office manager tasks, including record-keeping and preparing reports. As part of office team management, you are also responsible for coordinating with various departments to ensure smooth operations. Your role is crucial in upholding office management techniques that contribute to a well-organized and effective workspace. Effective communication and the ability to work in a team are essential, as these skills support your work in assisting the Office Manager and facilitating a collaborative environment.

Additional Information

Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska is eager to welcome a new Assistant Office Manager to our team, a role that’s pivotal for our daily operations and overall success. This position offers a unique blend of admin assistant duties and office management tasks, designed for those who thrive in dynamic settings and are passionate about providing exceptional experiences in Alaska’s wilderness. By joining us, you’ll play a significant role in office team management, ensuring that everything from tour scheduling to customer service is handled with precision and care. We’re looking for someone with a knack for organization, a talent for team coordination skills, and a dedication to making every adventure with Snowhook memorable.

For individuals looking to enhance their knowledge in office administration or seeking tips on office management techniques, several resources can be invaluable. Websites such as Indeed’s Career Guide, TravelPerk, and The American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) offer articles, training, and certification information beneficial for aspiring office managers and admin assistants. These resources can provide insights and strategies to excel in office assistant jobs and beyond, equipping you with the skills needed to succeed in Alaska’s unique work environment and the administrative profession as a whole.