All Ice Fishing Adventures

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All Ice Fishing Adventures

When winter starts in Alaska, the frozen lakes welcome enthusiasts for a unique fishing experience. It’s a time when the buzz of an ice drill replaces the usual cast of a line. Imagine settling on the frozen lake, the Alaskan air nipping as you await the thrill of a catch below the icy surface. With our guides – who’ll soon feel like old friends sharing tales – you’re set for an authentic dive into this local tradition. From tips on landing that elusive arctic char to sharing a laugh over a past adventure, you’ll be sure to enjoy this classic Alaskan adventure

Fishing in Alaska is a timeless tradition, and it takes on a magical charm when the lakes freeze over. Situated a short drive from Anchorage, our ice fishing tours are open to all, regardless of the season. Families, solo travelers, or a group of buddies – everyone finds a spot on the ice with us. As you drill down and set up your line, you’re not just fishing; you’re living an age-old Alaskan story.

Available: Dec - Apr
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Ice fishing in Alaska is a real deal experience. Our spot near Anchorage is perfect for those looking to get a taste of this winter pastime. Whether you’re trying it out for the first time or you’ve got a bunch of fishing tales yourself, our friendly guides are here to help you out. They’ll set you up with gear, show you the ropes, and share some local tips.

NOTE: This does not include a fishing license. 

Please purchase your fishing license before your visit from ADFG here.

The tour is all about the fun of fishing and the chill of winter. You’ll find yourself on a frozen lake, fishing pole in hand, waiting for that tug. We provide the gear and some snacks. Just make sure you grab a day license and come ready for a good time. Whether you pull up a big one or just enjoy the hang, it’s all part of the Alaska ice fishing experience.

Hooked Fish in water
Available: Dec - Apr

Begin your adventure with morning ice fishing on a frozen Alaskan lake. Our experienced guides will assist you, whether you’re a seasoned angler or trying it for the first time. As you wait for a catch, take in the serene surroundings, a true northern experience. Following the ice fishing, you’ll be treated to a midday lunch, providing a moment of relaxation and refueling before transitioning to the afternoon’s activity.

In the afternoon, you’ll experience dog sledding, where you’ll be pulled through snowy terrains by our trained sled dogs. This combo tour offers a blend of calm fishing and the more dynamic dog sledding. Whether you’re with family, friends, or on your own, our guides will make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience throughout. Join us for a full day of authentic Alaskan activities.

Available: Feb - Mar (Next Availability March 7th - 11th)
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The Rainy Pass Snowmobile Expedition presents a thrilling five-day journey through Alaska’s wilderness. The adventure begins at Snowhook’s base in Willow, where participants journey on snowmobiles to reach the Snowhook Lodge in the Talkeetna Mountains. This initial part of the tour is filled with the excitement of snowmobiling and offers a first glimpse into the vast Alaskan outdoors. The first night at Snowhook Lodge blends the day’s adventure with the calm of the evening. The second day features a dynamic dog sled ride with views of Denali, leading to a snowmobile trip to Skwentna Roadhouse, where guests experience the Northern Lights and savor Alaskan cuisine. The Roadhouse’s unique history and location provide a distinctive overnight stay.

Continuing deeper into the Alaska Range, the expedition heads to Rainy Pass with a stay at Perrins Rainy Pass Lodge. Here, guests enjoy peaceful horse-drawn sleigh rides and engaging ice fishing, complete with underwater viewing. The journey concludes with a comprehensive snowmobile ride back to Snowhook HQ, traversing diverse Alaskan landscapes. This tour combines exhilarating activities with an immersive experience in Alaska’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, offering participants both adventure and a deep connection with the wilderness.

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Ice Fishing Adventure Sights

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Ice Fishing Adventure Sights

Underneath the icy terrain of Alaska is a bustling underwater realm, and ice fishing offers a peek into this cold yet life-rich world. When you tread onto the frozen lakes, you are actually stepping over countless aquatic life, from the nimble Arctic char to the larger Northern pike.

Throughout the ice fishing tour, you will get to observe a variety of fish species common in Alaskan waters. It’s not just about catching them but understanding their habits, diets, and role in the larger ecosystem. Our guides, with years of local experience, will share with you interesting facts and stories about each catch and the lake’s history.

Alaskan Lake Ecosystems

Alaska’s frozen lakes, while seemingly still from above, conceal a dynamic world below the ice. These waters are home to a variety of aquatic life, playing different roles within the complex food web, from the tiny, microscopic phytoplankton to predatory species like the Northern pike.

This underwater ecosystem is a marvel of nature. The base of the food chain, plankton, sustains numerous species. Fish like the Arctic char adapt with antifreeze proteins, allowing them to thrive in cold waters. Diverse invertebrates, including snails and insects, play vital roles, contributing to the lake’s health and vitality. Ice fishing offers not just a sport but a peek into this intricate aquatic world, showcasing millennia of evolution.


The tour includes a 2.5-hour ice fishing experience, all fishing equipment, lunch, and a 2-hour dog sled adventure. It does not include the fishing license.

Yes, a day license is required for ice fishing. You can purchase it online prior to your experience date.

You’ll likely encounter a variety of species including Arctic char, Northern pike, and sometimes even salmon, depending on the location and season.

No, beginners are welcome! Our experienced guides will provide you with all the necessary instructions to get started.

Yes, we provide all the necessary fishing equipment. Just dress warmly and come ready for an adventure!

Dress in warm, layered clothing suitable for cold weather. Waterproof boots, gloves, and a hat are recommended.

The prime ice fishing season in Alaska is typically from December through March, but conditions can vary. We’ll inform you of the best times when you book.

While ice fishing in Alaska, you might see a variety of wildlife that makes this region their home. Common sightings include moose wandering near the shores and bald eagles soaring above looking for fish. You may also spot foxes darting along the ice’s edge and otters sliding into the water. In some areas, the elusive lynx might make an appearance, padding silently through the snow. These wildlife encounters add an exciting and unpredictable element to your fishing adventure, enhancing the connection to the wild Alaskan landscape.

Safety is our priority. In case of extreme weather conditions, the tour may be rescheduled or canceled, with the possibility of a refund.

Absolutely! Feel free to capture memories of your adventure, but please be mindful of safety guidelines provided by the guides.

Yes, private tours may be available. Please contact us directly for availability and pricing.

There may be minimum and maximum group size restrictions. Please contact us directly to inquire about specific group size details for the Dog Sled & Ice Fishing Combo tour.

Additional Information

As you prepare for this unique journey, we recommend checking out the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for detailed information on fishing regulations, licenses, and the current fishing report. Knowing local regulations ensures a responsible and fruitful adventure. Remember, if you’re not an Alaska resident, you’ll need a non-resident fishing license which can be easily purchased online or at local retailers.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or new to the world of fishing, brushing up on ice fishing techniques can enhance your trip. Websites like IceFishingChat offer forums where enthusiasts discuss tips, gear recommendations, and share experiences. Moreover, if you’re extending your stay in Willow and seeking more activities or places to explore, the Willow Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource to get insights on local attractions, accommodations, and events.