All Year Vacancy Application

Adventure Guide

$ DOE Hourly
  • Annual
  • Willow, AK
  • Available
All Year

As an all year Adventure Guide with Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska, you’ll lead outdoor tours, sharing Alaska’s natural beauty with guests across all the seasons. This role involves guiding various activities all year round, including snowmobiling dog sledding, and ATV riding while ensuring guest safety and enjoyment. You’ll also educate visitors about Alaska’s wilderness, making every tour a unique and enriching experience. This position is perfect for those who love the outdoors and seek a dynamic, engaging job in a breathtaking setting.

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Adventure Guide

$ DOE Hourly
  • Annual
  • Willow, AK
  • Available
All Year

Key Responsibilities:

Risk management, safety and good decision-making skills.

Communicate effectively with guests and co-workers which includes speaking in front of large groups.

Care for the dogs, the equipment, and premises.

Work cooperatively with guests, other guides and vendors to ensure the success of the tours.

Guide tours in Alaska’s backcountry.

Build guest confidence and abilities throughout the tour.

Transport guests and equipment as needed.

Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Applicants must be 18 years or older.

Must have clean driving record and able to pass background check.

Must be able to lift 60 lbs frequently.

Willingness to work in all weather conditions.

First Aid and CPR Preferred – May be obtained prior to start of season.

Demonstrated sound decision making and communication skills.

Demonstrated backcountry/outdoor experience.

Preferred guiding or leadership experience.

Purple And Green Northern Lights
Purple And Green Northern Lights

At Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska, the role of an Adventure Guide goes beyond merely leading tours. It’s about creating unforgettable experiences for our guests while showcasing the stunning beauty of Alaska. As an Adventure Guide, you’ll be the heart of our operations, conducting a variety of tours that include ice fishing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, ATV adventures, and mesmerizing Northern Lights tours. You’ll get to experience Alaska across all the seasons, so you’ll experience a wide range of scenic beauty. Whether guiding a one-day excursion or a multi-day adventure, your expertise and passion make each journey unique and memorable.

In this role, you’ll not only guide but also educate and inspire. Our Adventure Guides are ambassadors of the Alaskan wilderness, sharing their knowledge about the region’s flora, fauna, and culture. This is always changing with the seasons in Alaska and is a great opportunity to learn about the state’s environment. This position offers a perfect blend of outdoor jobs in Alaska and travel jobs in Alaska, where every day is an adventure in itself. Our guides ensure safety, fun, and an immersive experience in the Alaskan wilderness, whether it’s the thrill of snowmobiling through snowy trails, the tranquility of ice fishing, or the awe of witnessing the Northern Lights. Join us and be a part of an enriching, exciting career where each day brings a new adventure.

All Year Adventure Guide Application


As an Adventure Guide, you’ll lead diverse Alaskan Adventures, including dog sledding, ice fishing, and Northern Lights tours all year round. This role combines Outdoor Guide Skills with the thrill of guiding guests through Alaska’s unique landscapes, emphasizing Environmental Stewardship in Guiding.

Ideal candidates are passionate about the outdoors, with a preference for those who have Wilderness Adventure Leadership skills. Wilderness First Aid Training and a background in Alaska Adventure Guide or Alaskan Wilderness Guide roles are highly valued. We will always prioritise passion and enthusiasm over experience.

Yes, Snowhook offers specialized Adventure Guide Training in Alaska, covering areas like Adventure Guide Safety Training and Nature and Wildlife Guide Knowledge, ensuring you’re well-prepared for Professional Guiding in Alaska.

Success in this role requires robust Outdoor Guide Skills, an understanding of Eco-Friendly Guiding in Alaska, and the ability to lead a Multi-Activity Adventure Guide program. Strong communication and leadership skills are essential.

Snowhook offers both Seasonal Adventure Guide positions and full-time roles, ideal for those seeking Outdoor Guide Careers in Alaska. Seasonal Guide Jobs in Alaska provide flexibility and the opportunity to gain diverse experiences.

Safety is our top priority. While applicants with Wilderness First Aid Training are preferred, Snowhook provides comprehensive Adventure Guide Safety Training to all new guides, emphasizing safe and responsible guiding practices.

Experienced guides can find rewarding opportunities in Professional Outdoor Guide roles. Snowhook values experienced guides for their expertise in Alaska Eco-Tour Guide practices and their ability to mentor new guides.

You’ll have the chance to lead a variety of adventures, from dog sledding to ATV tours. Our Multi-Activity Adventure Guide training is designed to prepare you for the best of the Alaskan wilderness, from its wildlife to its breathtaking landscapes.

Absolutely. A solid foundation in Nature and Wildlife Guide Knowledge is crucial. Guides should promote Environmental Stewardship in Guiding, educating guests about Alaska’s unique ecosystem.

Snowhook’s Adventure Guide Safety Training is comprehensive, covering first aid, risk management, and emergency response, ensuring guides are well-equipped to handle any situation in the wilderness.

Our guiding principles include Environmental Stewardship in Guiding. We train our guides in Eco-Friendly Guiding in Alaska, ensuring our adventures are sustainable and respectful of the natural environment.

Snowhook offers a pathway for growth in Outdoor Guide Careers in Alaska. Opportunities include advanced Adventure Tourism Training and roles in Alaska Adventure Guide leadership, providing a rewarding career in the great Alaskan wilderness.

Additional Information

Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska prides itself on offering a unique and dynamic work environment for those passionate about the great outdoors. As an Adventure Guide, you will not only be leading exhilarating Alaskan Wilderness Guide tours but also becoming a part of a community dedicated to adventure, safety, and environmental stewardship. For more insights into the role of a professional guide and the skills required, The Outdoor Guide Blog offers valuable resources and networking opportunities. Additionally, those interested in advancing their careers in this exciting field should explore Outdoor Industry Association, which provides updates on the latest trends and career opportunities in outdoor guide careers in Alaska.

Our commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism is unwavering. At Snowhook, every Alaska Eco-Tour Guide plays a crucial role in promoting eco-friendly guiding practices. We encourage our guides and aspiring applicants to familiarize themselves with the principles of environmental stewardship and sustainable tourism practices. Resources like Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics offer excellent guidelines on how to minimize our environmental impact while exploring nature. Furthermore, for those keen on developing their knowledge and skills in nature and wildlife, organizations such as the National Wildlife Federation provide a wealth of information that can be beneficial for an Alaskan Nature Guide. By joining our team, you embark on a journey that not only enhances your professional skills but also contributes positively to preserving Alaska’s pristine wilderness.