Media and Partners

For many years, we’ve been a big part of adventure and nature media. We work closely with our partners to bring the thrill of Alaska to everyone. Through TV shows about exploring nature and features on outdoor adventures, we capture the stunning sights and activities of Alaska in photos and videos. This way, we share the beauty of Alaska with people all over the world.

We keep leading day trips and showing the best ways to explore Alaska. Our work with adventure tourism in the media is getting bigger. Our skilled team knows the Alaskan wilderness well, and this has been featured in many TV shows and documentaries about adventure travel and exploring the wilderness. These shows do more than just show off our tours. They also highlight Alaska’s rich culture. Thanks to this work, SAGA has become a leading name in adventure tourism and media. We offer unique views and exciting stories of the Alaskan wilderness.

Onsite Facilities

Your Alaskan Support

At Snowhook, we offer lots of exciting adventures from our locations in Willow and Hatcher Pass, Alaska. We’re here to help with any adventure you need for your project.

Our adventures include dog sledding, ATV rides, watching the Northern Lights, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and helicopter tours. We can also help in more specific ways, like providing transport and support in our area. If you need something special, just reach out to us.


For any inquiries or to discuss your media project with Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska, feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to provide you with detailed information and tailor our services to meet your specific needs. We’re here to help bring your Alaskan adventure media project to life, whether it involves broadcasting outdoor expedition stories, capturing the essence of the Alaskan wilderness, or creating engaging adventure travel show segments.

Why Parter With Snowhook?

Snowhook Dog Sled Tour - Huskies waiting

Team up with Snowhook for a unique media experience. We do more than just tours; we set the scene for adventure media to highlight the beauty of Alaska. Our tours are famous for giving the best Alaskan experiences, perfect for any media story or outdoor show. Enjoy exciting dog sledding and unforgettable snowmobile rides. Each adventure gives a special look at Alaska’s natural beauty. These adventures turn into stories for travel media, showing the spirit of adventure tourism. They’re not just trips; they’re stories ready to be told. Pick Snowhook to make Alaska’s wild places part of your media adventure.

Film Permits

Choosing Snowhook makes filming in Alaska easier. With us, you don’t need a separate license for our locations. This is a huge plus compared to other places in Alaska that require permits. Our trips are ideal for filming. We’ve appeared in many TV shows and documentaries about the wilderness. The stunning beauty of Alaska makes every trip with us perfect for the media. We ensure every trip highlights Alaska’s best. This makes us an excellent option for capturing wilderness journeys and outdoor adventures on film. Our genuine, direct experiences provide deep understanding of adventure travel. These experiences prove why we’re at the forefront of covering Alaskan adventure in the media.

Snowhook Dog Sled Tour - Huskies waiting


Our Alaska experiences offer dynamic settings for adventure media, showcasing the best of Alaska travel. Each tour provides unique opportunities for nature broadcasts and media adventure stories.

Travel media can capture the essence of adventure tourism media coverage through our tours. Our activities are perfect for adventure travel show segments and outdoor adventure media.

Expect engaging outdoor experience television features that highlight the beauty of Alaska. Our tours offer excellent content for wilderness exploration TV documentaries and broadcasting nature tourism.

Yes, we customize Alaska travel tours for specific media projects, ensuring a perfect fit for adventure tourism media collaborations and TV features on adventure travel.

Our Alaska day trips are designed to provide captivating content for media travel, from nature exploration TV programs to outdoor travel series in media.

Our excursions, ideal for anyone looking to travel Alaska, have been featured in numerous outdoor experience TV features and wilderness exploration documentaries. The raw, unfiltered beauty of Alaska makes every tour a potential feature for adventure tourism media spotlights. SAGA ensures that each journey offers the best of Alaska travel, making us an ideal choice for media depictions of wilderness travel, and broadcasting outdoor expedition stories. It’s these real, hands-on experiences that bring media insights into adventure travel to life, showcasing why we are at the forefront of Alaskan adventure media coverage.

Our media collaborations emphasize Alaskan cultural experiences in media, showcasing the rich heritage and lifestyle unique to Alaska.

Our tours offer authentic Alaskan adventure media coverage, enhancing the media portrayal of Alaskan wilderness with true-to-life adventure expeditions in broadcast media.

Absolutely. Alaska offers some of the most stunning and diverse landscapes in the world, making it an ideal location for filmmaking. From its majestic mountains and glaciers to its vast forests and wildlife, Alaska provides a picturesque backdrop that enhances any film project. The natural lighting, especially during the golden hours, is a filmmaker’s dream, offering a unique ambiance that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

Yes, Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska (SAGA) has a rich history of assisting with various media projects. We’ve worked with international and local film crews, TV shows like Discovery Channel’s Yeti expeditions, and hosted personalities such as Hamish and Andy. Our involvement ranges from providing logistical support and expert guidance to offering unique adventure experiences that are ideal for media coverage.

The cost of Snowhook’s assistance with media projects varies depending on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the location, the number of days, the number of guides needed, and the specific equipment required. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each media project, so we encourage interested parties to contact us directly to discuss their ideas and receive a detailed quote.

At Snowhook, we offer more than just a trip to Alaska; we provide a canvas for adventure media to capture the stunning beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. Our travel tours are renowned for offering some of the best Alaskan experiences, perfect for any media adventure or outdoor travel series. Each of our tours, from exhilarating dog sledding to breathtaking snowmobile journeys, offers a unique opportunity for broadcasting nature tourism. These adventures create media travel stories that capture the essence of adventure tourism.

Additional Information

Discover the excitement of an Arctic winter adventure in Alaska with Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska. Journey through snow-covered trails on dog sleds, immersing yourself in the serene beauty of Alaska’s winter wonderland. For those seeking a unique perspective, our Alaska winter snowcat tours offer a remarkable way to traverse the snowy landscape, revealing hidden gems of the region. Our tours not only provide the best Alaska experiences but also serve as a rich source for adventure tourism media coverage, including outdoor experience television features and wilderness exploration TV documentaries. Additionally, for those interested in adventure series featuring wilderness tours and getting a closer look at media depictions of wilderness travel, the National Geographic Channel offers a wide array of nature exploration TV programs and outdoor travel series, showcasing the breathtaking beauty of places like Alaska and beyond.

Looking to explore Alaska? Visit Travel Alaska for comprehensive information on touring Alaska and the best ways to see Alaska. For filmmakers and media professionals interested in broadcasting nature tourism or creating adventure travel show segments, Snowhook Adventure Guides offer unparalleled expertise and access to the majestic Alaskan wilderness. Our collaboration with various media outlets has resulted in outstanding outdoor expedition media coverage and television showcases of Alaskan tours. For insights into adventure travel and nature media collaborations, check out Adventure Travel News, a leading resource for the latest trends and information in the adventure travel industry.