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Helicopter Landed in Snow

All Helicopter Adventures

Witness nature put on its most magical show: the Northern Lights of Alaska. We offer two unique tours that let you dive right into the heart of this phenomenon. Whether you’re going through snowy trails with our Alaskan huskies or feeling the thrill of a snowmobile ride, each moment builds up to those nights when the sky comes alive. With the expertise of our friendly guides, cozy accommodations, and hearty meals, we make sure you’re all set to witness and enjoy Alaska’s glowing winter wonder. Dive in and find the perfect Northern Lights adventure for you!

We’re in the skies throughout the year, offering you unparalleled aerial views of Alaska’s iconic landscapes. Just a short trip from Anchorage, our helicopter adventures are perfect for families, friends, and adventure enthusiasts. Fly above the vast terrains, witness the majestic Talkeetna Mountains, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Hatcher Pass Helicopter Adventure

Available: Mar - Nov

Get ready to see Alaska like never before on the Hatcher Pass Helicopter Tour. This one-hour tour is perfect for anyone looking to get an up-close look at Alaska’s beautiful landscape. Whether it’s your first time in a helicopter or you’ve flown before, you’ll enjoy the ride and the unforgettable views. Join us and see what makes Alaska so special!

The Hatcher Pass Helicopter Tour provides a unique opportunity to explore Alaska’s landscape from above. In our comfortable helicopters, you’ll fly over some of the region’s most notable natural features, getting a bird’s-eye view that’s both different and exciting.

But this tour is not just about the flight; it’s also an opportunity to observe Alaska’s wildlife in their natural habitat. The Hatcher Pass area is home to animals like black bears, moose, dall sheep, and mountain goats. The tour’s aerial perspective offers a chance to see these creatures without disturbing them, adding an extra dimension to your Alaska experience. Whether you’re interested in photography, wildlife, or just the thrill of flying, the Hatcher Pass Helicopter Tour is a memorable way to see what Alaska has to offer.

ATV & Helicopter Combo

Available: May - Oct

Experience an unforgettable journey through Alaska’s landscapes with our ATV and Helicopter Combo Adventure. This unique tour lets you explore the terrain of Hatcher Pass on an ATV followed by a breathtaking helicopter tour of the Talkeetna Mountains. It’s an all-day adventure that provides a comprehensive look at the beauty of Alaska.

drivers must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license.

Start your adventure with an ATV ride through the mountainous landscape of Hatcher Pass. As you navigate the trails and rivers, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular 360-degree views. Whether you’re an ATV novice or an experienced driver, our guides will ensure you’re comfortable and safe on the journey. The ATV portion of the tour is 3.5 hours long, with the helicopter tour being 30 minutes long.

Dog Sledding & Helicopter Combo

Available: Mar - Nov
Helicopter in Air

In this unique journey, we combine the traditional thrill of dog sledding with the aerial views of a Hatcher Pass helicopter tour. Engage with the Alaskan huskies as they guide you through the stunning landscapes of Alaska, experiencing the wilderness like a true musher. But the adventure doesn’t end there.

Soar above the snow-capped peaks of the Talkeetna Mountains in our Hatcher Pass Helicopter Tour, encapsulating an awe-inspiring view of Alaska that is truly unforgettable. Uncover the untouched beauty of Alaska from a perspective that very few get to experience.

Helicopter in Air

Helicopter Adventure Sights

Helicopter Landed in Snow2

Helicopter Adventure Sights

Our helicopter tours, taking off from Willow, serve up unparalleled views of the majestic Talkeetna Mountains and the secrets they hold. From the vantage point of our Heli Alaska Robinson R44, watch as rugged terrains, serene valleys, and historical landmarks unveil beneath you.

During the flight, we ensure a passage through the Dogsled Pass, a natural gateway to the breathtaking Archangel Valley. Every bend and turn offers a new spectacle, be it the shimmering waters of the Little Susitna River, the serenity of Summit Lake, or the haunting yet fascinating sight of the 1956 U.S. Air Force KB-29 wreckage on Bald Mountain Ridge. The highlight remains the historical Independence Mine State Park, echoing stories of Alaska’s gold-rush era.

More than Just a Flight

Beyond the visuals, our helicopter tours provide insights into the state’s rich history and diverse ecosystem. The skies and lands below are full with life, offering glimpses of roaming wildlife and distant settlements.

Our seasoned pilots double as your guides, enriching your tour with narratives of the areas below. From tales of ancient native tribes and explorers to the significance of trails and settlements, they’ll ensure your journey is as informative as it is visually rewarding. As we navigate Alaska’s skies, it becomes evident that every peak, valley, and river has its own tale to tell, adding layers of depth to your airborne adventure.


Our tours typically last for 1 hour, which includes a 20-minute ridgetop landing. However, the overall duration might vary based on the specific tour package you choose.

Most of our helicopter tours are operational from March to November. However, specific dates might vary depending on the tour.

Yes, for the Hatcher Pass Helicopter Tour, there’s a two-person minimum requirement.

Safety is our utmost priority. All our helicopters undergo regular maintenance, and our pilots are extensively trained. We also provide safety briefings before every flight to ensure passengers are well-informed.

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend bringing a camera with a good low-light mode. If you’re new to Northern Lights photography, our guides can offer some handy tips.

While we have pre-determined ridgetop landing spots that ensure safety and stunning views, special arrangements might be possible on request.

We recommend dressing in layers, wearing comfortable shoes, and bringing sunglasses. The temperature can vary, especially during ridgetop landings.

Yes, for our multi-day tours like the 3 Days/2 Nights Northern Lights Combo, accommodations and some meals are included. Check the tour details for specifics.

There are no age restrictions, but we advise those with serious health concerns to consult with their physician before taking a flight.

Yes, we do offer private tours. Contact us directly, and we’ll tailor an experience just for you!

Safety is our top priority. If a tour is canceled due to weather conditions, we’ll offer a reschedule or a full refund, depending on your preference.

While our standard routes are designed to offer the best views and experiences, we might be able to accommodate specific requests. It’s best to discuss this directly with our team.

Additional Information

Going on an aerial adventure with us means diving deep into the scenic beauty and vast landscapes of Alaska. To ensure you’re well-prepared and informed, we’ve made a list of valuable online resources. The National Helicopter Safety Association is an excellent place to start, providing insights on helicopter safety guidelines to ensure your experience is both safe and memorable. Additionally, understanding the terrains you’ll be flying over can enrich your journey. Alaska Geographic offers detailed information about Alaska’s varied landscapes and mountain ranges.

Before your scheduled flight, it’s crucial to be updated about the weather, as it can influence your helicopter tour experience. The National Weather Service’s Alaska page gives the latest forecast for Willow and surrounding areas. If you’re eager to identify animals from a bird’s-eye view, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s wildlife section provides a glimpse into the species you might spot from the skies. And for the tech enthusiasts intrigued by the mechanics of our Heli Alaska Robinson R44, the Robinson Helicopter Company’s official website breaks down the craft’s design and capabilities. Equipped with this knowledge, you’re all set for an enlightening aerial journey across Alaska.