Alaska ATV Tours & Adventures

Alaska ATV Tours & Adventures

Join us this Summer for an adventure, with our guided ATV tours at Hatcher Pass, Alaska. We offer incredible experiences that let you explore the real backcountry of Alaska, from high mountain trails and breathtaking alpine settings to exploring Alaska’s gold mining history and splashing through rivers and creeks. Our ATV tours are perfect for all levels and ages and are accessible for everyone. As part of our team, you will share these experiences with our guests, ensuring they enjoy every moment of their scenic tour.

Our guided ATV tours are perfect for all levels of riders and ages and are accessible for all.  

We provide a wide range of rental options, including ATVs and UTVs, to cater to our guests’ needs. Our team of passionate Alaskans loves to share the best of Alaska with others. Whether our guests are new riders or experienced, we have an adventure to fit their needs perfectly. All necessary gear, including rain gear, boots, goggles, and helmets, is provided for every tour. Join us and be a part of one of the leading ATV tour companies in Alaska, offering the best off-road adventure tours, backcountry ATV trips, and more.

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Snowhook Adventures has three unique adventure tour packages available from May through October.

Hatcher Pass ATV Adventure TourMidnight Sun ATV Tour & Dog Sled & ATV Adventure Tour

Available: May - Oct

Join us this summer for an ATV tour in Alaska at Hatcher Pass, high in the Talkeetna mountains. Enjoy quad rides through rivers and up mountain trails, experiencing the best of ATV riding in Alaska. This adventure includes breathtaking views and a deep dive into Alaska’s gold mining history.

This scenic tour is 3.5 hours long and departs at 9am and again at 1pm. Our tours meet at our base in Willow and then head up the mountain.

We offer a free shuttle service and plenty of parking, including space for RVs. If you prefer, drive yourself with a rental vehicle. For those joining us for lunch, please arrive at noon at our Willow base. These guided tours are perfect for all skill levels. New to ATVs? Don’t worry, our experienced ATV guides will help you build your skills. Choose from single-rider ATVs, multi-passenger UTVs, or Side by Sides. Drivers must be 18 or older with a valid license. Children can ride in UTVs with proper seat belts.

We provide all the gear you need, including rain jackets, boots, pants, helmets, and goggles. Additional items like hand warmers and dust masks are available for purchase. Our ATV tours in the Talkeetna mountains promise a memorable adventure for everyone. Join us for a thrilling ride with one of the top ATV Tour Companies, offering the best off-road adventure tours and backcountry ATV trips in Alaska. Explore the stunning trails for ATVs and enjoy 4 wheel rides through the scenic routes of Hatcher Pass.

Available: May - Aug

Alaska is the land of the Midnight Sun. Make the most of your summer with a “Midnight Sun” ATV tour in Alaska, riding into the backcountry of Hatcher Pass. Experience the thrill of our signature half-day adventure against the backdrop of the late-night sun and cool evening colors of the Talkeetna mountains. There’s nothing like riding an ATV as the sun sets low on the horizon.

This scenic tour is 3.5 hours long and departs at 6 PM. Our tours meet at our base in Willow and then head up the mountain.

We offer a free shuttle from our base to the start of our tours on the mountain. Both locations have ample parking space for RVs. If you prefer, you can drive to our Hatcher Pass location, which is approved for rental vehicles. Please arrive 30 minutes before the tour starts to check-in. This tour is suitable for all ability levels. If you’re new to ATVs, our experienced ATV guides will help you build your skills throughout the tour. Choose from single-rider ATVs or multi-passenger UTVs based on your group size and adventure type. Drivers must be 18 or older with a driver’s license. Children can join the tour with proper seat belts or booster seats.

We provide all the necessary gear, including rain jackets, boots, pants, helmets, and goggles. Additional items like hand warmers, head socks, and dust masks are available for purchase at our check-in cabin. Enjoy one of the best off-road adventure tours with stunning scenic ATV routes. Join us for an unforgettable experience of ATV riding in Alaska with one of the leading ATV Tour Companies.

Available: Apr - Oct

Join one of Alaska’s leading ATV Tour Companies for a Dog Sledding and ATV combo adventure. This tour offers the perfect adventure when visiting Alaska. We provide the foundation to work with the dogs and build relationships with them, as well as the skills to enjoy the best ATV riding tours on the mountain.

The tour starts at 10 AM and includes a 2-hour dog sledding portion, followed by a 3.5-hour ATV tour. Tour costs vary based on the type of ATV you rent, with single-rider ATVs and 2-6 person UTVs available. Please note that drivers must be licensed and at least 18 years old. We provide rain gear, boots, goggles, and helmets, and you can purchase hand warmers, head socks, and dust masks at our check-in cabin.

Your adventure begins with a visit to our Iditarod kennel, where you’ll meet and play with our friendly dogs. We’ll teach you how to work with the dogs and harness them for the ride. Then, we’ll take you on an interactive dog sledding tour through the woods and over hills, with plenty of time for photos and questions. After lunch, we offer gourmet burgers, fries, cookies, and lemonade. If you’re a vegetarian, let us know in advance so we can grill you a garden burger. Be prepared for our retired dogs to give you some adorable puppy eyes during lunch!

After lunch, we’ll head up to Hatcher Pass for an ATV or UTV adventure. We’ll start with easy terrain to ensure everyone is comfortable with their machines, then move on to more challenging trails. You’ll be splashing through creeks and climbing mountains in no time. Enjoy one of the best off road ATV tours Alaska has to offer with thrilling quad rides and scenic 4 wheel adventures near Anchorage.

Snowhook - ATV Midnight Sun
Available: May - Aug
Snowhook - ATV Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun ATV & Sunrise Dog Sled Adventure is a two-day journey filled with outdoor excitement. The tour begins at Snowhook Lodge on Hatcher Pass, where guests enjoy a traditional Alaskan dinner. After dinner, the adventure kicks off with a three-hour ATV or UTV ride. This evening ride takes guests through the Talkeetna mountains, showcasing the beauty of Alaska’s midnight sun. The unique twilight of Alaska’s summer nights provides a stunning backdrop for the ATV journey.

After the ATV adventure, guests return to Snowhook Lodge for the night. The lodge offers comfortable cabin accommodations where guests can relax and rest. The peaceful setting of the lodge provides a contrast to the day’s exhilarating activities, allowing guests to unwind and recharge for the next day.

The following morning starts with a hearty breakfast at the lodge. This meal prepares guests for the day’s upcoming activities. After breakfast, the tour continues with a visit to the kennel. Here, guests meet the Alaskan huskies and learn about their role in traditional dog sledding. The kennel visit is an opportunity to connect with these energetic dogs and understand their significance in Alaskan culture.

The tour concludes with a summer dog sled experience. Instead of traditional sleds, the tour uses carts, allowing guests to experience dog sledding adapted for summer conditions. This activity provides a thrilling end to the two-day adventure. Guests leave with memories of navigating through the Alaskan wilderness under the midnight sun and experiencing the excitement of dog sledding at sunrise. This tour combines the thrill of outdoor adventure with the chance to experience unique aspects of Alaskan life.

ATV Adventure Sights

ATV Adventure Sights

Join one of Alaska’s leading ATV Tour Companies for an adventure into the Alaskan wilderness. Our ATV tours promise unmatched views, a chance to spot diverse wildlife in their natural environment, and a deeper understanding of Alaska’s rich history. Starting in Willow, near Anchorage, our tours will have you driving through Hatcher Pass to gain amazing views of Denali and the Talkeetna mountains.

Your ATV tour will take you driving through the curving paths of Hatcher Pass and the rugged Alaskan landscapes of the Talkeetna Mountains overlooking Willow and Anchorage. As you navigate, you’ll witness stunning sceneries unfurl. You’ll pass by glittering rivers, dense forests, and climb up trails leading to mountain peaks. Here, get ready for breathtaking panoramas of alpine meadows and towering mountain peaks.

One of the highlights of your journey could be the sighting of Denali, North America’s highest mountain peak. On clear weather days, you can catch a glimpse of this majestic summit. This is a sight that will surely create a memory for a lifetime. Enjoy the best of ATV riding tours and experience the thrill of off roading in Alaska with our experienced guides.

Alaskas Wildlife & History

Throughout your ATV tour adventure, stay alert to the diverse wildlife of Alaska. From the grandeur of a moose grazing in the meadows to bald eagles flying overhead or bears wandering in the wilderness, there are countless chances for encounters. You might also spot foxes, cranes, and other smaller animals.

Moreover, our ATV tours cover regions rich in Alaskan history. Uncover traces of the gold mining era and pass by the starting line of the world-renowned Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. This blend of scenic beauty, abundant wildlife, and historical sites ensures a comprehensive and unforgettable Alaskan experience.

While we always hope for wildlife sightings and clear views of Denali on our ATV tours, we prioritize respect for the animals and their habitats. We can’t guarantee wildlife encounters and scenic views as they happen naturally. Join one of the best ATV Tour Companies and enjoy an off road quad tour while learning about Alaska’s rich heritage.


Experience the stunning beauty of Alaska’s Hatcher Pass region on our guided ATV tours. Travel through the Talkeetna Mountains and encounter awe-inspiring landscapes, such as towering peaks, icy valleys, and winding streams. As you explore historic mining districts, discover remnants of old camps and abandoned structures from the gold rush era, using original trailheads. You’ll also find an abundance of wildlife, including moose, caribou, Dall sheep, and eagles.

Hatcher Pass is a hidden gem, beloved by locals for its authentic backcountry adventures. It offers a perfect setting for 4 wheel adventures near Anchorage, with breathtaking views and countless opportunities for ATV 4 wheeling, snowmobiling, and dog sledding. Whether you’re interested in off road ATV tours Alaska style or looking for the best ATV tours Anchorage Alaska has to offer, Hatcher Pass is the place. Join us for an off road quad tour and see why true Alaskans explore this rugged terrain.

Selecting the right ATV or UTV rental is essential for a safe and fun adventure. Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska offers a variety of rental options near Anchorage. We have ATVs, including four-wheelers and side-by-sides, so you can choose the best vehicle for you. Pick an ATV rental if you want to drive your own machine, or a UTV if you have kids or others not interested in driving. The ATV option costs per person, while the UTV option covers up to four people. Our rentals come with all the gear you need, like helmets, rain gear, boots, and goggles. You can buy hand warmers, head socks, and dust masks at our check-in cabin.

At Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska, we offer a range of top-quality ATVs and UTVs suitable for the terrain and the number of passengers. Our ATV fleet features models like the Yamaha Kodiak and Grizzly, designed for one person, while our UTV fleet includes the Yamaha Viking and Wolverine, fitting two, four, or six people. These vehicles come with the latest safety features and technology, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride as you explore the Alaskan wilderness. Our machines cater to both beginner and experienced riders. All rentals are regularly maintained and inspected for top performance on your adventure. Snowhook’s experienced guides give you a thorough orientation and safety briefing, so you feel confident and comfortable with the vehicle.

Join our expert guides on an exhilarating Alaskan adventure designed to create unforgettable memories. If you’re new to ATV riding, we’ll help you build your skills and become a confident rider. For experienced adventurers, we’ll challenge you to master the trail. Our guided tours in Alaska provide all the necessary equipment beyond your ATV, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

We provide protective gear for all ATV tours and rentals. Helmets are required for all guided tours and quad rentals. Dress in long pants and sleeves, and wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes. Goggles or a face shield helps protect against dust and debris. We also provide wet weather gear, as Alaska’s climate can change rapidly. You can purchase hand warmers, head socks, and dust masks at our check-in cabin. Enjoy the best of ATV tours Anchorage Alaska, with all the gear and guidance you need for an unforgettable adventure.

Safety comes first on any outdoor adventure. Please follow these riding safety guidelines during our guided ATV tours to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for you and your group. Our guides will conduct a safety briefing and provide instructions before the tour begins. Keep both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the footrests at all times. ATVs are not designed for carrying passengers; passengers are only allowed on UTVs with proper seating. Listen to your guide’s directions and stay on the designated trails. Be aware of changes in terrain and adjust your speed as needed. Maintain a safe distance from other riders and any obstacles.

In case of an emergency, remain with your vehicle and a guide will assist you. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We reserve the right to remove anyone who violates this policy before or during the tour. Riders are financially responsible for any damage to our machines, whether accidental or intentional. Follow these guidelines for a safe and enjoyable experience while driving Hatcher Pass or exploring Talkeetna quad trails. Join us for the best UTV trails and 4 wheel adventures near Anchorage with experienced ATV guides who ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Experience the excitement of an ATV adventure tour, guided to help you explore the outdoors on a thrilling ride. This adrenaline-pumping activity offers an immersive way to enjoy nature. For anyone visiting Alaska, taking an ATV tour Denali style or booking glacier view ATV tours is essential to see the state and its natural beauty up close. Our guided tours provide a safe and exhilarating way to discover the rugged landscapes and diverse wildlife of Alaska.

A guided ATV adventure tour includes everything you need for a memorable trip. We offer quad rental options and 4 wheeler tours that cater to all skill levels. Whether you’re interested in a private ATV tour or group ATV rides, our experienced guides ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Explore the best UTV trails, Talkeetna quad trails, and off-road quad tours in Alaska. With custom ATV tours and scenic routes, you’ll experience the best of four wheeler riding and the most breathtaking backcountry trips. Join us for the ultimate outdoor ATV adventure and see why off-roading in Alaska is a must-do activity.

Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska offers a range of guided ATV adventure tours and rentals. Our popular Hatcher Pass ATV Adventure Tour takes you through stunning Talkeetna quad trails, offering breathtaking views and exciting four wheeler riding. The Midnight Sun ATV Tour provides a unique experience, riding under the late-night sun in the Alaskan wilderness. For those looking for a combination experience, the Dog Sled & ATV Adventure Tour – Summer allows you to enjoy dog sledding and ATV riding in one unforgettable trip.

Each tour offers a unique adventure in the incredible terrain of Alaska. Whether you’re interested in a private ATV tour, group ATV riding, or exploring custom ATV tours, Snowhook has something for everyone. Our tours feature scenic routes and trails for ATVs, ensuring a memorable and exhilarating outdoor adventure. Join us and discover the best places to go ATVing near Anchorage and beyond.

Yes, our Alaska ATV adventure tours cater to all skill levels. Our skilled guides collaborate with you to enhance your abilities, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. We offer the ideal tour for both beginners and seasoned riders alike.


Join us for an exciting ATV adventure in Hatcher Pass, Alaska, where we’ll explore scenic routes filled with breathtaking views. We’ll ride through peaceful forests, alongside sparkling creeks and rivers, and up to high mountain paths. Encounter incredible wildlife, such as Dall sheep, eagles, moose, and goats, as we journey off the beaten path. Our ATV tours allow you to experience the untamed wilderness beyond the usual tourist spots, making it one of the best places to go ATVing near Anchorage.

Our ATV tours and rentals offer a variety of trails, including Talkeetna quad trails and four wheeler trails, perfect for group ATV riding or a private ATV tour. Enjoy the thrill of four wheeler riding and discover the beauty of Alaska’s backcountry with our experienced guides.

For our ATV tours and rentals, we suggest wearing quality base layers and avoiding cotton whenever possible. Don’t worry about packing everything to stay warm and dry, as we’ll supply it for you. We provide snowsuits, boots, gloves, helmets, and goggles for winter tours, while summer tours include rain jackets, pants, goggles, and helmets. Helmets and necessary gear are offered on all tours, but you’re welcome to bring your own if you’d like. You can purchase hand warmers, head socks, and dust masks at our check-in cabin.

For any ATV tour or off roading experience in Alaska, it’s crucial to be well-prepared. Whether you’re joining us for four wheeler trips, or exploring the best UTV trails, dressing appropriately ensures a comfortable adventure. For those going on ATV adventures near Anchorage or private ATV tours, we provide all the necessary gear to keep you safe and dry. Join us on scenic routes and enjoy the best outdoor ATV experiences Alaska has to offer.

Unfortunately no, on our Alaska ATV tours, we are unable to allow pets or service animals.

During the tour, we provide light snacks for your enjoyment. Alternatively, you can join us for lunch at basecamp before your ATV tour. Our guests often prefer the gourmet burger, fries, cookies, and lemonade. If you’re vegetarian, please inform us in the morning so we can prepare a garden burger for you.

However, be aware that our retired dogs have become experts at giving you world-class puppy dog eyes during lunchtime.

All our guides are Alaskans with a passion for the outdoors, possessing more than 100 years of combined experience in Alaska’s backcountry. They have undergone training in Wilderness First Aid, Risk Management, and Alaskan history, making them highly qualified for all the tours we provide. Our guides excel in crafting enjoyable and secure tours, making you feel like you’re on an adventure with old friends in Alaska. We often say that we treat you like family, but if you don’t like your family, we’ll treat you even better.

We’re going on an adventure, come rain or shine! Be ready for mud and snow. We keep an eye on the weather and other factors that may affect your trip from a safety standpoint. Only under specific conditions would we ever consider canceling a tour.

We supply all UTV and ATV rental vehicles for our tours. Pick an ATV “four-wheeler” or a UTV “side-by-side” based on your likes and group size.

Our ATV adventures can range from a 3 to 6 hour tour, depending on the chosen tour. Since there are no restrooms in the backcountry, we recommend guests use our facilities before departure.

Our experienced guides will accompany you throughout the journey, offering support and guidance to boost your confidence and improve your skills. We’ll help you develop your abilities, and for beginners, our ATV tours will establish a strong foundation, training you to become a skilled rider.

We can help skilled adventurers like you master our Alaskan trails and enhance your abilities. Our expert guides will lead you on an exciting journey, enabling you to fully utilize your capabilities and equipment. Locals love the area for backcountry adventures, and we can show you why.

Unfortunately no. We don’t offer unguided tours or rentals. At Snowhook, all our ATV tours, from beginner to advanced levels, come with a guide for your convenience and safety.

Our Alaska ATV tours are ideal for both kids and adults, suitable for ages 2 and up. If you have any concerns, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to assist. Children joining an ATV tour need to be tall enough for the shoulder restraint to fit correctly, or you can use a booster or car seat. We don’t supply boosters or car seats, so please bring one for any child who needs it. Keep in mind that the trails can be bumpy and have hills. Helmets are mandatory for children on ATVs and UTVs.

At the basecamp, we ask that you avoid running around, teasing the dogs, or engaging in horseplay near them. Our dogs are friendly but are essentially like young children themselves. To ensure the safety of both kids and dogs, we aim to maintain a calm atmosphere at all times.

During your adventure, we pause to let you take pictures, or we can even capture them for you. Alaska’s ATV tours are stunning, and we make regular stops for photos.

Certainly! We’re quite familiar with drones at Snowhook. If you have any particular questions, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Our base is situated approximately one hour from downtown Anchorage, with the entire route consisting of well-maintained highways. If you choose to drive your own vehicle, rest assured that our basecamp offers secure parking. We also provide a shuttle service to pick up customers for our Alaska ATV tours from the airport and other locations. Learn more about this service here. Most major rental companies in the area accept our site for rental cars, ensuring your rental insurance remains valid. Additionally, for those traveling in RVs, we have secure on-site parking facilities available.

We can comfortably accommodate 60 people on a tour at the same time with our facilities and tour capacities. If you have a larger group, we’re happy to work with you to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

At Snowhook Adventure Guides of Alaska, we strive daily to provide unique, fun, and safe ATV adventure tours. Our guides possess training in backcountry first aid, safety, and environmental awareness. To ensure your safety, we employ top-notch practices and equipment. If you have any special requirements for your tour, please inform your guide beforehand. We also ask our guests to follow our guidelines for their own safety. Please note that reckless behavior, drugs, and alcohol are strictly prohibited on our tours.

Additional Information

An ATV adventure tour in Alaska is an experience of a lifetime! For anyone traveling to Alaska here are some valuable resources about your adventure. For an in-depth look at ATV safety and maintenance, the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) serves as an excellent resource. For hands-on training tailored to all skill levels, consider the ATV RiderCourse by ATV Safety Institute.

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation provides all the necessary information related to ATV usage in Alaska. Also, consider expanding your knowledge about off-highway vehicle (OHV) recreation through National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC).

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ATV Safety Information Center has information about our safety standards. Finally, for additional riding tips, check out the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) ATV Riding Tips.

At Snowhook we’re passionate about making your ATV adventure in Alaska enjoyable, safe, and memorable.